Does That Chair Come with Wrist Restraints?

Nearly All Scientific Papers Controlled By Six Corporations

July 24, 2015

Many thanks to AIAS Fellow and Professor Michael Jackson of Lubbock, Texas.”

Is that a personal chair, Ron? At what university is it held? Or is it a post located in your own personal cloud cuckoo land? Let us recall what ‘Professor’ Michael No-Bubbles Jackson said on the Jeff ‘Rancid’ Rense show:

Why do you not make more of the amazing ‘facts’ imparted by ‘Professor’ Jackson, that a) Einstein was installed in the Bern patent office, by the Rockefellers (06.44), in order to undermine Tesla and b) that Cartan sent his ideas to Einstein in 1929, who then sent them to Germany so that the Nazis could later build antigravity craft (07.30). It must be true; after all, when you were yourself interviewed later by the rabid anti-semite eminent radio host, you made no effort to correct Jackson’s statements.  Also, why have you not mentioned the subsequent ‘attempted assassination’ of that eminent radio host rabid anti-semite?

Is that the same sort of ‘psychotronic weapon’ that your friend ‘Dr’ Bearden (co-author and former AIAS Fellow) is frightened of? Perhaps it was one of those Jim Beam weapons or Southern Comfort devices.


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