Future Volume of J Cosmology Devoted to ECE

July 27, 2015

Agreed with this, GJE could also draft up a more detailed article if he wishes.”

We are strangely confident that this will occur, if only on the grounds that Journal of Cosmology is just one of the spreading plague of pseudoscientific rags that masquerade as genuine scientific enterprises. Non-experts are easily fooled by a few unscrupulous people whose doctorates have not ‘taken’ (in the sense of immunizing against self-deception) and by the trappings of a genuine journal. Another factor is that one of the directors appears to be related to the anti-evolutionist Professor Wickramasinghe who was a disciple of the loony anti Big-Bang creationist ‘germs-from-space’ crank, Fred Hoyle. Laymen really should realize that scientists, like actors, are only as good as their performance. This is especially true of Nobel prize-winners, more than one of whom have gone on to become cranks. 


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