Hopelessly Confused Ron

Concept of the Rest Frame

July 28, 2015

This is most clearly illustrated by the Minkowski metric

c squared d tau squared = (c squared – v squared) dt squared

in which v’ = 0, and in which tau = t’ is the time in the primed or rest frame, known as the proper time. Therefore v’ in the primed or rest frame is zero because the frame moves with the particle. When a timing device is flown in a spacecfaft around the earth”

Ron writes about relativity as if he is cribbing randomly from elementary textbooks. He mixes up various phenomena, which is odd for someone who claims to know the subject so much better than everybody else. The aeroplane is a particularly bad example of time dilation because the latter would occur even for a stationary Harrier. In fact, the dilation due to the effects of special relativity is there dwarfed by the dilation due to the gravitational field gradient, and that is a feature of general relativity. We shall be interested to see what Ron has to say about the treatment of accelerations using special relativity. Here is a little-known historical fact: the γ factor can be found in the 18th-century works of Euler.  Sadly, one of the experimenters who carried out the aeroplane test later fell for the pseudoscience of the Russian nut, Kozyrev. It was the latter’s crackpot ideas that Hayasaka and Takeuchi were pursuing when they performed their silly gyroscope-weighing experiments,


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