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Just Like Fight Club?

August 30, 2015

Ten Year Readership of “The Evans Equations of Unified Field Theory”

August 30, 2015

This vastly influential book was published by Abramis in 2007 as a softback, but by far its major impact has been open source on, The impact of the book is miniscule in comparison with the websites, but still good”

According to Google Scholar, this hilariously inept book has been cited 239 times. Every reference to it has been made by Ron [Dr Myron Wyn Evans] or one of his gang [a rag-bag of incompetent ‘academics’ and pig-ignorant sciolists]. How can it be an influential book if nobody (except Ron) ever mentions it to a third party? What causes the ‘vast readership’ [an imaginary number based upon random internet ‘hits’] to decide unilaterally never to mention it? By what subtle means does Ron warn everyone ‘not to talk about nut club’?

cc Prime Minister’s Office



August 28, 2015

Britain might pull out of CERN

August 27, 2015

Fully agreed with Stephen Crothers, small minded and untalented bureaucrats destroy all that is decent about society.”

How do you get all of that from a post on the webpage of a (possibly dubious) cancer charity? The writer was not questioning CERN’s expenditure per se, but only why it was not spending some of the money on a (possibly cranky) alternative method for processing images, Perhaps you ought to check carefully the status of the charity and the method. After all, you have already broken the law once by helping to promote (as a non-expert) a cancer therapy.

Information Request

August 28, 2015

From each according to ability, to each acording to need

August 28, 2015

This is clause four socialism, which was used by Aneurin Bevan to create the NHS and is now again at the centre of the Labour Party agenda. Gari Owen did not write my work.”

Hey, Ron, is that the same Gari Owen who told you that the Victoria Cross can be awarded for secret actions (rather contradicting the ‘conspicuous’ part of the award requirements)? Or were you simply making that up in a vain attempt to disculpate the atrocious Turner-Thomas? Is that the same Gari Owen who was a ‘scientific attaché (aka ‘a spook’) to the British Embassy in Washington? Is that the same Gari Owen who is connected with the rather sinister organization, SPIE?

Scum-Bag Update

August 26, 2015

It appears that our previous link to the Great Whore of Pseudoscience is broken, so here is a new one:

Under What Big Stone Does He Find Them?

August 26, 2015

Truth Conference Wales May 2016

August 25, 2015

Pleasure, you are doing fine work. We have comprehensively refuted the Einstein theory of general relativity and forged what is known as Prof. Alwyn van der Merwe’s “Post Einsteinian Paradigm Shift”.”

We are all very busy here with real work at the moment, but we cannot put aside commenting on Ron’s new buddy. Dr Anthony ‘Tony’ John Williams is yet another loon who somehow fooled a university into giving him a doctorate … or perhaps he bought it, Who cares? Education, especially the moral dimension, just ‘does not take’ on some people. One can have absolutely no sympathy with anybody who arranged for the disgusting Dr Judy Wood* to give a talk at the Plaza Hotel in Cardiff in 2012. We are delighted to see that Williams’ carburetor company is doing badly, with nett assets of minus £20000 and a debt/capital ratio of nearly 200%. 


Web or Weft Only

August 18, 2015

FOR POSTING IN GENEALOGY SECTION: Relation to President John F. Kennedy

August 18, 2015

The references are 1) John F. Kennedy Rootsweb ancestors and 2) and Celtic Royal Genealogy. My direct ancestor King Tewdwr Mawr and ancestral cousin the Princess Margaret Tudor are marked with an asterisk.

Of course we are probably all related to each other over this span of time, but proving it by genealogy requires meticulous scholarship. I am interested in the scholarship, not the executions or shortenings.”

We are pleased to see that you agree with us. But the ‘scholarship’ should still be honest. One should follow only the spear line (for primogeniture reasons), as most nations do, or only the distaff line, as the Russians traditionally do (it is much more certain who is the real mother). By hopping from one line to the other at will, one can ‘prove’ a relationship to just about anybody. By the way, Ron, can you trust the information from Royal Celtic Genealogy? Did you know that it is run by somebody who lies outrageously about his own background and has been accused of fraud?

Not Just for T-Shirts

August 17, 2015

Article by Stephen Crothers

August 17, 2015

This is another excellent article by Stephen Crothers. Very soon there will be no funding for this kind of phantasy.”

Sam Spade does not seem to have heard of the formula, E = mc². It is not just for calculating the energy of nuclear weapons, Spade, it also says vice versa  that energy has mass. That is, any sort of energy. So, a hot object is slightly heavier than the same object when cold. If the object is stressed, it again becomes slightly heavier. The important case here is that the gravitational potential energy also has mass and, like any other mass, has its own gravitational field. Complicated, is it not? This mind-boggling non-linearity demands genius-level thought. That is why half-educated galahs should not stick their beaks into things which do not concern them. It is therefore quite possible for a mass-free region to have a gravitational field, and Spade’s sarcasm merely makes him look stupid … who knew?.


August 17, 2015

My Relation to President John F. Kennedy

August 16, 2015

I am related distantly in at least two ways, because John F. Kennedy was descended from Alexander Stewart (b. 1214) High Steward of Scotland, whose son James Stewart (b. 1243), … blah, blah, blah.

Here is a time-saving idea, Ron, why do you not just list the people of whom you are not a ‘distant cousin’.  Of course, you would lie, and deny kinship with Hitler, Stalin and Mao. But the fact is that we are all distant cousins of each other. If one claims otherwise, one has to explain why the world’s population was not millions of times higher, centuries ago, than it is now (you know the old child-baffling calculation: 2 parents, 4 grand-parents, etc.).  Another believe-it-or-not calculation, is that there is a finite probability that you have inhaled at some time an atom which was once part of Albert Einstein: even apart from the fact that he was incinerated, there are also the billions of skin cells that he shed. Perhaps we should not have mentioned this: knowing your incredible conceit and arrogance, you will probably add ‘intimate contact with Einstein’ to your CV.

Please Keep It Up

August 10, 2015

Communications to the Prime Minister’s Office

August 10, 2015

Pleasure, I think that your circuits and others like them are of an importance that cannot be overstressed, and also the work of Horst Eckardt, Kurt Arenhold and Douglas Lindstrom in UFT311 and UFT321, work built on vast experience with ECE and ECE2. These remarks also apply to the work of Alex Hill and colleagues, and the many hundreds of researchers of low energy nuclear reactors (UFT226 ff.). I was appointed a Civil List Pensioner by the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair, in 2005, on behalf of my distant cousin Queen Elizabeth, the Head of State as you know.”

Yes, please keep sending your demented missives about perpetual motion, because one day a bored government functionary is going to find them in the ‘crank file’ and exclaim, “hey, did we really put this nutter on the civil list? That’s embarrassing, we had better correct that gaffe asap”.

Irony, Oh Irony

August 9, 2015

Point of information, Ron, is it true that Bernhard ‘Faulty’ Foltz (sporting a Neo-Nazi hair-style) repairs computers in Hitlstrasse (only two letters away from Hitlerstrasse) and that Horst ‘Siemens Stain’ Eckardt edits a computer magazine in Kafkastrasse? Oh how delicious that would be.

Meanwhile, Faulty likes to list fraudulent devices that would have been welcomed at that rubbish American ‘conference’

Unfortunately, the very first one is a particularly well-known trick: a battery is concealed within the apparently solid wooden block and current is fed-in via the screws. There have been complaints about this sort of motor in the science-education world, even after the power-source is revealed; the reason being that it leads students to believe that a DC motor can work without a commutator. Strangely enough, it functions only when sloppily constructed.