Doug Gentle-Storm

Remarks on 323(6)

August 1, 2015

An important methodology has been developed in the past few years whereby Horst Eckardt and sometimes Doug Lindstrom check every note almost every day.”

Is that the same Doug who did not check his own output?

Come on Lindy, show us how you set x = 1 in 756,706x^6 + 2,000,000x^5 – 10,000,000x^4 + 20,000,000x^3 – 8,000,000x^2 + 3,000,000x – 39,649

and manage to get a value of only about 1,480,000. No wonder that it is only ‘sometimes’ Doug Lindstrom who does the checking. Still, one must admire Ron’s followers’ fortitude in not rushing to defend their professional reputation and skills. Hitler himself would have been pleased to have such cowed and compliant lieutenants. 


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