Birds of a Feather

Good Summary by Gareth Evans

August 2, 2015

Agreed with Gareth Evans and Stephen Crothers. I have tried to dialogue with Stephen Hawking many times, and have never received an answer, only an automated reply. This is despite the fact that I am appointed by Crown and Parliament directly. He knows that he has been refuted by many people, many times. This could not happen in any other sphere of life. Pauli would call him “not even wrong”. Pauli was a student of Sommerfeld, nominated more than eighty times for a Nobel Prize.”

What a bunch of losers: two chemists (unemployable as such) and a private detective (a failure as a student) thinking that they can challenge physicists. If you want to ‘dialogue’ with Hawking (although a mathematician and not a physicist per se), first obtain a bachelor’s degree in physics, then masters and doctoral degrees in a relevant specialization. Then publish a number of papers, in genuine scientific journals, which meet with general approval. You might then be worth talking to. ‘Crown and Parliament’ must be made to realize that they have created a monster.    


2 Responses to “Birds of a Feather”

  1. Ron Beck Says:

    What about the honorary doctorate degree that one crackpot bestows upon another? Doesn’t that count?

    Prof Stephen Crothers accepts PhD degree:

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