From Oxymoron to Just … Moron

Popularity of the Poetry

August 2, 2015

This is now the leading item on, being read or heard 4,380 times a year off alone, and regularly read off the blog in up to 182 countries. There is a book available in softback:”

So how many books have sold? The thing is, Ron, people will consume anything if it is free … but they ‘vote’ with their wallets. Personally, we cannot get enough of,

“And scurried like a ferret for the stars.”


“For those who squandered truth like excrement?”

‘cos rodents and people do that don’t they? Hang on, no they don’t! The juxtaposition of incongruous words can, in the hands of an expert, conjure up emotional  frissons of a deeper truth, as in

“Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough”

But your random pairings merely conjure up images of a half-forgotten episode of Dangermouse, or of some sort of sub-Burroughs post-Selby scatological economy. It is of course useless to criticize poetasters; they simply cry ‘philistine’ with as much alacrity as an outed pseudoscientist crying ‘troll’.   


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