Presidential Assassination

¬Coulomb Law Spin Connection Resonance System

August 2, 2015

This is very important work in my opinion, the two circuit papers to date are UFT311 and UFT321. A clear and unequivocal experimental demonstration would be of key importance, attracting immediate international interest. The AIAS Co President Gareth Evans is keen to get a device developed and marketed.”

We know of someone who is very keen to drag all of these activities into the public arena. It is clear that Ron and the others secretly accept that they are just an isolated group of cranks – otherwise they would be more circumspect in their statements. It is all very well for a (former?) ‘science officer’, paid out of public funds, to spout nonsense about perpetual motion in a place where it will never be seen by the general public, but what will he (and the council) say when ‘doorstepped’ by investigative journalists in hot pursuit of a scandal? ‘Cos that’s what will happen!  


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