Can’t Handle the Math?

Neglect of Torsion

August 5, 2015

An easy way to refute all of this hypercomplex nonsense of mathematical physics is to remember that no torsion means no gravitation and the collapse of Einsteinian gravitation. The definitive proofs on are very easy to follow and there is no way out of them, that is for honest scientists. Take up cynghanedd.”

What a pity that you do not read this blog. If you did you would know that torsion is far from neglected;

The problem is that torsion is a bit like the ‘aether’; physics can manage very well without it. In fact, the sort of people who still believe in the aether are the very sort of people who think that torsion will bring them infinite energy and UFO-style levitation and propulsion. By the way, why don’t you take up poetry? ‘Miltonian’ should mean more than just ‘too lazy to make it rhyme’. We have seen more moving and insightful work generated by computer!   


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