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Photographs of the Coeur d’Alene Energy Conference in Idaho

August 5, 2015

These look like excellent photographs. I will be glad to post the presentations on this blog and on the site if all are agreed and copyright permission is given.

Sent: 04/08/2015 17:45:47 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: photos of Idaho conference

​Here are some photos that Aaron, the conference organizer, posted for the Idaho energy conference


… except to say, what a saaad bunch of losers. Who would have guessed that magnets taped to a bicycle wheel could be so exciting. At least there were no embarrassing shots of participants reading books about Atlantis or ‘aliens at the Pentagon’ this time. But really, Ron, do you think that these are the sort of people with whom a Civil List scientist and pillock pillar of society should be associated … even indirectly?    


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  1. Moronwatcher Says:

    Advice to Moron:-
    Instead of writing obscure articles of science fiction on an obscure Blog that only Crackpots read and believe and non Crackpots read for a laugh, Moron needs to go into his local city – Swansea – and stop and talk to total strangers to spread the word of his wondrous discoveries. He would get far more “followers” that way, real live followers – such as lots of men in white coats!

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