Irony, Oh Irony

Point of information, Ron, is it true that Bernhard ‘Faulty’ Foltz (sporting a Neo-Nazi hair-style) repairs computers in Hitlstrasse (only two letters away from Hitlerstrasse) and that Horst ‘Siemens Stain’ Eckardt edits a computer magazine in Kafkastrasse? Oh how delicious that would be.

Meanwhile, Faulty likes to list fraudulent devices that would have been welcomed at that rubbish American ‘conference’

Unfortunately, the very first one is a particularly well-known trick: a battery is concealed within the apparently solid wooden block and current is fed-in via the screws. There have been complaints about this sort of motor in the science-education world, even after the power-source is revealed; the reason being that it leads students to believe that a DC motor can work without a commutator. Strangely enough, it functions only when sloppily constructed. 


4 Responses to “Irony, Oh Irony”

  1. Bernhard Says:

    Dear writer of this text

    Just I found your nice ‘crackpotwatch’. 🙂

    Yes, you guessed right! The wooden block of the little machine I built contains an accu cell. But perhaps you havn’t understood the joke “Läuft! Over-Unity? Auflösung folgt..”=”runs! Overunity? Solution follows..” The same thing as with all other ‘Free Energy’ Devices. For the next time, I suggest translating the text via Google translator. 😉

    But some small details are unclear for me: Why do you think a Iroquois haircut is Neo-Nazi? And why the name of a street is important for you? And, please, can you tell me only one point where I am ‘faulty’?

    Bernhard Foltz

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      What was there to ‘guess’? Nobody in their right mind would believe that it was really ‘running on thin air’. Even when they are told about the battery, some people still think that it is anomalous because the magnet does not seem to be reacting against anything (i.e. there may be no ‘flux-cutting’ or ‘flux-linking’. So are you really admitting that all of those other ‘free energy’ discoverers are/were fraudsters? That will get you thrown out of the lunatic fringe. Do you know the concept of a ‘loss leader’? In this context, it means sacrificing other loony inventions in order to make ones own loony invention look better in comparison.
      We did not realize that you are a Native American Indian; our apologies for disrespecting your culture. As for the street-names, that is a matter of anglophone humour: e.g. the very idea that a paranoid (‘dogmatists are suppressing me’) pseudoscientist operates out of Kafka-strasse is a delightful irony. Where are you faulty? For a start, you think that the Ide gadget has a higher output than input, and you do not even seem to recognize any distinction between energy and power.

  2. Bernhard Says:

    Dear Ms./Mr.

    If you already know the solution, then you do not need guessing. 😉 If you see a ‘free energy’ machine and know there is no such thing, then it is interesting to guess where the trick is hidden. Or maybe not?

    Before you criticize anything, you should first read what it’s all about! In my lecture, I talked about mistakes in the field of free energy. For example, a ‘water car’ does not use water as a fuel, but consumes expensive metal electrodes, which then need to be renewed. Where do you see an error?

    Ide is another thread. Why do you think I can not distinguish between energy and power, or I think Ide gets a higher output than input? Your conclusions are just as unscientific as the pseudosciences you criticize. Reading from names is Kabbalah!

    What ist your name and location?

    Bernhard Foltz

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      So you are admitting that all of the best-known free-energy devices do not work and that therefore their perpetrators are/were petty criminals. That admission will not sit well with your co-author, Eckardt, nor with Evans; both of whom are intent on ‘proving’ that the scam devices work. In fact, what is the reason for this sudden back-pedaling? Has Siemens AG been taking an interest in your activities?
      The electrodes do not have to be expensive: a rather clever South-African water-car scam in the 1970s slowly consumed its own aluminum motor.
      Given that Ide is a key piece of ‘evidence’ justifying Evans’ dubious theoretical work, what otherwise would be the point of replicating it? Moreover, Ide told the UK government that it was a net source of energy. Your replication-paper calls it an ‘energy-generator’. How can it be that, if the output is not higher than the input? The paper then goes on to mention energy 5 times and power 60 times! Our conclusions are entirely scientific; you cranks would not know science unless it bit you.
      We are everywhere and always and the worst enemy of pseudoscience.
      This exchange is at an end; further comments from you will be deleted. You have already contributed admirably to proving our case.

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