Irony, Oh Irony

Point of information, Ron, is it true that Bernhard ‘Faulty’ Foltz (sporting a Neo-Nazi hair-style) repairs computers in Hitlstrasse (only two letters away from Hitlerstrasse) and that Horst ‘Siemens Stain’ Eckardt edits a computer magazine in Kafkastrasse? Oh how delicious that would be.

Meanwhile, Faulty likes to list fraudulent devices that would have been welcomed at that rubbish American ‘conference’

Unfortunately, the very first one is a particularly well-known trick: a battery is concealed within the apparently solid wooden block and current is fed-in via the screws. There have been complaints about this sort of motor in the science-education world, even after the power-source is revealed; the reason being that it leads students to believe that a DC motor can work without a commutator. Strangely enough, it functions only when sloppily constructed. 


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