Not Just for T-Shirts

Article by Stephen Crothers

August 17, 2015

This is another excellent article by Stephen Crothers. Very soon there will be no funding for this kind of phantasy.”

Sam Spade does not seem to have heard of the formula, E = mc². It is not just for calculating the energy of nuclear weapons, Spade, it also says vice versa  that energy has mass. That is, any sort of energy. So, a hot object is slightly heavier than the same object when cold. If the object is stressed, it again becomes slightly heavier. The important case here is that the gravitational potential energy also has mass and, like any other mass, has its own gravitational field. Complicated, is it not? This mind-boggling non-linearity demands genius-level thought. That is why half-educated galahs should not stick their beaks into things which do not concern them. It is therefore quite possible for a mass-free region to have a gravitational field, and Spade’s sarcasm merely makes him look stupid … who knew?.


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