Web or Weft Only

FOR POSTING IN GENEALOGY SECTION: Relation to President John F. Kennedy

August 18, 2015

The references are 1) John F. Kennedy Rootsweb ancestors and 2) www.aias.us and Celtic Royal Genealogy. My direct ancestor King Tewdwr Mawr and ancestral cousin the Princess Margaret Tudor are marked with an asterisk.

Of course we are probably all related to each other over this span of time, but proving it by genealogy requires meticulous scholarship. I am interested in the scholarship, not the executions or shortenings.”

We are pleased to see that you agree with us. But the ‘scholarship’ should still be honest. One should follow only the spear line (for primogeniture reasons), as most nations do, or only the distaff line, as the Russians traditionally do (it is much more certain who is the real mother). By hopping from one line to the other at will, one can ‘prove’ a relationship to just about anybody. By the way, Ron, can you trust the information from Royal Celtic Genealogy? Did you know that it is run by somebody who lies outrageously about his own background and has been accused of fraud?


2 Responses to “Web or Weft Only”

  1. Knightscompanion Says:

    Crackpot, are you alluding to the only current fraudulent claimant to a VC Medal and a false Knighthood and associate of Moron? He is certainly on a par with Moron in his gross long term delusions!
    Can people all phone Moron’s GP Doctor on 01792 843831 to suggest he needs to stick to his medication to stop all his delusions and nasty defamatory verbal and written attacks on his decent neighbours and wastage of Police time.
    Everyone also needs to contact Moron’s new Member of Parliament – Mr Byron Davies MP, House of Commons, Westminster, London SW1 asking for his “Queen’s Award” to be removed because Moron continuously abuses it.
    What says you Crackpotwatch? Let’s hear from more readers on this. Come on folks – get out of your closets!

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      We were referring to the person who was the only false claimant of a VC. There are now two of them. Some sort of sending to Coventry would certainly seem to be in order.

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