Just Like Fight Club?

Ten Year Readership of “The Evans Equations of Unified Field Theory”

August 30, 2015

This vastly influential book was published by Abramis in 2007 as a softback, but by far its major impact has been open source on www.aias.us, www.atomicprecision.com andwww.upitec.org. The impact of the book is miniscule in comparison with the websites, but still good”

According to Google Scholar, this hilariously inept book has been cited 239 times. Every reference to it has been made by Ron [Dr Myron Wyn Evans] or one of his gang [a rag-bag of incompetent ‘academics’ and pig-ignorant sciolists]. How can it be an influential book if nobody (except Ron) ever mentions it to a third party? What causes the ‘vast readership’ [an imaginary number based upon random internet ‘hits’] to decide unilaterally never to mention it? By what subtle means does Ron warn everyone ‘not to talk about nut club’?

cc Prime Minister’s Office


One Response to “Just Like Fight Club?”

  1. Pentrefwr Says:

    This pseudo scientist Moron suffers from grand delusions. It is worthy to note that for some weeks now he has made no comments about his neighbours or villagers. Rumour has it, that the South Wales Police have given him a very severe warning about his wasting of Police time. Of course someone in the village may also have given him a very serious “gypsy’s warning” to lay off – or else. He is still to be seen shuffling about the village in a grossly unkempt garb armed with his wooden defence club. As a the Queen’s Representative and self proclaimed Lord of Gower he is probably allowed to bear arms as an Armiger.
    What does his cousin the Duke of Beaufort think of this – as he the Duke is the true title holder of the Lordship of Gower. Yes Moron does suffer GRAND DELUSIONS and needs to take his medication regularly.Come on Moron and Crackpotwatch and the world at large – we know you all read these comments – give us your responses.

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