One in the Eye?

Seminar at CERN on LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactors)

September 4, 2015

Very good to hear from AIAS Fellow Steve Bannister and congratulations on his appointment as assistant professor and doctorate at the University of Utah, Department of Economics. Well deserved!”

But does that not reflect very badly on you, Ron? After all, you had that famous DSc and yet they would not make you a professor. But here is Bannister, ‘PhD for 5 minutes’ and already an assistant professor. Of course, the title means much less in the US than it does in the UK: that is why even you were made a professor over there. Things are probably even sloppier in Utah; after all, the entire state was founded by a sect who followed a religious maniac, liar (goes without saying) and conman. Bannister’s baffling success is also a slap in the face for the other Steve (Sam Spade). Both of them decided to obtain doctorates in middle age: Spade was a private detective before he deluded himself into thinking that he could be a physicist. The other Steve is a former ‘army brat’ and former ‘jar-head’ who decided to become an expert in the ‘dismal science’. Let us not forget that its practitioners never see the next crash coming, and presumably thought that sub-prime mortgages were a bright idea.        


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