Glass Houses

Accountability of Scientists

September 7, 2015

I regard the matter of black holes as closed, they have been thoroughly refuted in many ways by many people. I continue to support Stephen Crothers’ exposure of corruption in science.”

The very first ‘scientist’ who should be held to account is the unspeakable clown who is currently in receipt of an undeserved Civil List Pension. Black holes have not been refuted by any scientist who is worthy of the name. Incidentally, there is only one reason why crackpots are always attacking black holes, relativity and Einstein: it is because they are forever ‘playing to the gallery of laymen’, in order to make themselves look important, and there is clearly no point in questioning concepts or people of whom the gullible public has never heard. Who is strongly anti non-locality? Who is strongly anti-Kapitsa? See? If is not part of ‘popular culture’, it is of no interest to cranks. The only corruption is in the sloppy school-teaching and over-fondness for ‘philosophy’ which encourages pseudoscientific attitudes. Only a corrupt secondary-school system (parrot the ‘facts’ from the error-strewn textbook and get the GCSE) would have employed an anti-Einstein ‘science teacher’ like Penderghastly.


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