Reading Between Non-Existent Lines?

No Objections to the Definitive Proofs

September 10, 2015

I am very glad to see that Stephen Crothers’ criticisms of general relativity have been accepted unanimously by school teachers in Australia. The same pattern is repeated all over the world in respect of the definitive proofs that no torsion means no curvature. If there is no curvature there is no Einsteinian gravitation, QED. Black holes and all that are based on a theory without torsion, and this is complete nonsense as the proofs show. I suggest a general strike among school teachers, a refusal to teach black hole theory and Big Bang theory. The CERN electroweak theory was destroyed in UFT225, that is well known. It is futile to try to cover up these refutations, or to try to suppress anything. That is bound to fail. I am not sure which university tried to suppress Doug Lindstrom’s lecture, apparently the university lifted its ban. The lecture announcement is now on this blog and I recommend all blog and site readers to buy the lecture video.”

From where do you draw the conclusion of ‘universal acceptance’, Ron? He is simply pulling, as you do, the old conman trick of interpreting non-reply as being the same as acceptance. Unlike ourselves, very few people can be bothered to reply to the claims or communications of obviously deranged persons. You cranks also employ a very loose interpretation of the term, ‘refutation’. Any loony can claim that the Earth is flat, and ignore all contrary evidence, but that is not a refutation; it is merely a claimed refutation that hopes to exploit the ignorance or stupidity of the audience. The ‘flat Earth’ scenario is not going to persuade famous scientists to perform canal experiments (as it still did in the 19th century!) but similarly silly (to physicists) claims can still cause NASA to waste millions on pointless experimentation (cf Eugene Podkletnov).  Almost by definition, a refutation is not a refutation unless it becomes as universally adopted as was the concept which it disproved.  A refutation by a silly little Australian galah is not a refutation. A refutation by a totally isolated and forgotten Welsh ‘carrot’ (not even a member of the RSC, Ron?) is not a refutation. As for the ‘university that banned Lindy’, we suspect that to be a fabrication ‘for effect’. Unless we receive a confirmatory statement directly from the university, we shall assume our refutation to be accepted (do you see what we are doing there?).  

One Response to “Reading Between Non-Existent Lines?”

  1. ConcernedSort Says:

    I’ve got a marble on my kitchen top. It’s red. I’ve had it for years. Nobody has denied it isn’t a ruby. I’m going to put it on eBay and sell it for thousands. The Mandalay ruby sold for £8000. Clearly mine is of the same value. Nobody I think is reputable has denied it. I think £5000 would be a fair price. I’ve got green marbles and blue marbles too. I used to have many more before I lost them. I’m rich.

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