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FOR CROSS LINKING: Important Lecture by Douglas Lindstrom

September 10, 2015

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and is recommended to all readers of this blog and the AIAS sites. It opened the Coeur d’Alene Conference on new energy in Idaho. Douglas Lindstrom’s biography appears in “Marquis Who’s Who in the World”, he is an AIAS Director and retired from the Canadian Government. He is a three times graduate of the University of British Columbia and one of the most able and level headed assessors of devices. Only a few will pass the Lindstrom patent office type assessment. With Horst Eckardt he has made many fundamental contributions to ECE theory, and these are read thousands of times each year as the scientometrics show, notably UFT292 to UFT299. Currently he is working on a new book about ECE theory.”

How very honest of Lindy to admit that ECE, Cold Fusion and LENR are pathological sciences (aka pseudoscience). We know someone who will welcome the detailed Lindy CV. In the lunatic fringe, the recitation of academic qualifications, university appointments and government employment is supposed to increase respect for a loony concept.  In the real world, observers instead wonder what is wrong with the education system, if cranks can obtain scientific diplomas without actually absorbing any of the caution and insight which supposedly go with them. They also worry about how many people and organisations have been misled by the crackpot. It may even be a ‘two cultures’ problem: engineers (especially electrical ones) in general still seem to be baffled by devices (such as the spinning-top [remember Laithwaite?] and the homopolar motor/generator) which physicists consider to be trivial. Ron is correct about pure physics disappearing from (Western) universities. The reason appears to be monetary: the ‘lead time’ is too long for economists to see the connection between pure physics and the market-place and so physics becomes absorbed by electrical engineering (because there is money in consumer gadgets) and by ‘sports science’ (because there is money in football). This descent into ad hoc short-termism leaves nobody left who is aware of the full range of physical phenomena. This, by the way, was the situation which existed just before Sputnik was launched. Within months, enrollment in physics courses in a terrified USA went up like the proverbial rocket (and the only answer offered by the lunatic fringe was the fatuous ‘Dean Drive’). Let us hope that China does something similar (e.g. successful Hot Fusion) and frightens the West into a proper respect for physics. On the subject of Cold Fusion and LENR, the proponents just did not do their homework. Lazy store-men in nuclear facilities do not bother to check labels, they simply feel the bars of metal. If it is warm, it is plutonium. If the Master of the Royal Mint, Thomas Graham, had known of radio-activity in 1850 he might well have attributed the warmth of hydrogen-exposed platinum bars to ‘LENR’. One of us has written a monograph on the behaviour of hydrogen in metals, and the subject is fascinating. Even without the electrolysis used by Pons and Fleischmann, hydrogen-exposed platinum (and nickel, and many other transition elements) will exhibit spontaneous heating. Graham himself noted that platinum wire could burn like a fuse (yes, it is simply an oxidation phenomenon).  So, if P&F had bothered to consult a metallurgist, that particular pseudoscience would have been strangled at birth. It is also quite hilarious that Ron should liken Lindy to a Patent Office: does he not know how many applications for perpetual-motion machines are neatly printed-up and published by patent offices? There are some 1500 applications on ‘buoyancy motors’ alone (a concept which was banned by the French government in the 18th century). Very few such patents are actually granted; but the number should be zero. As for Lindy being in Marquis, that is becoming almost as good a ‘nut-detector’ as membership of the Natural Philosophy Alliance.  After all, Ron is in Marquis, Searl is in Marquis, Bearden is in Marquis … etc., etc., etc.


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