Cribbing, Ron?

PS : Singularities Already Plotted in UFT150

September 11, 2015

The singularities referred to in the last note were found in UFT150 when numerical integration were used. That became a classic paper and a classic essay. The singularities will also appear analytically in all probability.”

We are becoming increasingly puzzled over what you think is novel about your ‘discoveries’. ‘Everybody’ knows that special relativity can lead to the precession of an orbit, and ‘everybody’ knows that Newtonian orbits exhibit a so-called ‘jerk’ discontinuity. Indeed, these topics have been presented at ‘student-level’ in recently published journals. Could it be that you are deliberately misrepresenting these trivia as personal breakthroughs? Could it be that the frequently expressed claim that you do not read ‘dogma-based’ journals is merely a ploy so that you can act surprised if/when found out? Laithwaite used to pull the same trick and he certainly tried to act surprised when, after lecturing on ‘his’ linear induction motor, some spoilsport once flung open a cupboard door to reveal …. Wheatstone’s century-old prototype! And while we are on the subject of misrepresentation, why do you repeatedly claim that EGR fails to explain the rotation-rates of galaxies? Who uses EGR to do that? Astronomers use Newtonian mechanics for that. In fact, there is a groundswell of opinion among mathematicians to the effect that the approximations used by astronomers are incorrect and are the only thing leading to discrepancies between classical Newtonian theory and observation. In other words, ‘dark matter’ may well be a mathematical artefact.  


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