Ooooh, Yes Please

Summary by the AIAS Co President Gareth Evans

September 11, 2015

It would be an idea to organize pre recorded radio interviews by Jeff Rense in California by various people inside AIAS and UPITEC, notably Gareth Evans, Horst Eckardt, Stephen Crothers and Douglas Lindstrom and any others interested.”

We cannot wait for another embarrassing interview from a very dubious source. Has it not occurred to you, Ron, that Rancid’s enthusiasm for your ‘theory’ stems directly from the fact that he is a rabid anti-semite? It is a long time since Nature published an anti-Einstein rant, but there are still lots of loonies out there who view relativity as being ‘Jewish science’. In this context, SS (Siemens Stain) will be welcomed with open arms, but do not forget to remind him that – as a German – any pro-Nazi sentiments (even indirectly expressed) will render him liable to prosecution. Does ‘others interested’ include Michael No-Bubbles Jackson? Or did his previous disclosures about ‘Einstein being installed in the Bern patent office in order to undermine Tesla’ and about ‘Einstein sending Cartan’s ideas to Germany so that the Nazis could later build anti-gravity warplanes’ worry even you? You did not refute these claims when you later ‘appeared’ on the same program, so you must agree with them (and you have not refuted our view so – according to your precepts – non-reply must mean acceptance). Have you no conception of how bad all of this will look in the forthcoming exposure of your activities? Nobody cares about relativity, at ‘street level’, but everybody likes to deride silly governmental decisions, and awarding you a Civil List pension must be just about the silliest. 


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