That’s Interesting

UFT88 Read at the University of Bath

September 12, 2015″

This is interesting because we happen to know that there are people at Bath who take a skeptical interest in pseudoscience and in the dumbing-down of scientific knowledge and education. Perhaps they are studying you for the right reason.

“UFT88 is the classic paper which refutes the second Bianchi identity on which the Einstein field equation is based directly by incorporating torsion.”

Torsion is unneeded and unwanted and can lead to unphysical predictions, such as energy-from-nowhere and antigravity. It has come to be associated with cranks, and – in that context – led directly to the attempted despoilation of a UK beauty-spot.  

“It has been developed into UFT313 which develops the Jacobi Cartan Evans (JCE) identity, followed by the ECE2 papers UFT314-UFT320 and UFT322- UFT326, currently being read 9,527 times a year internationally off alone. For all three, and www.upitec.orgthey are being read 15,243 times year (an increase of an estimated 60%). They were all produced in 2015. ”

… and are never cited by anybody but you and fellow cranks.

“So there can be no doubt that the Einstein theory is completely obsolete. ”

Er, it means that ECE is completely ignored by real scientists. 

“The readership includes all the best universities and institutes in the world. ”

The latter also have computer users who quickly switch from embarrassing sites and go to your ‘papers’ at random: see our ‘Boss Button’ theory.

“We know this from the well known scientometrics of ”

They are not ‘well-known’. They are instead notorious for being concocted deliberately in order to deceive the unwary. By the way, your scientometrics book did not get a very good Amazon review, did it? Perhaps you should have Penderghastly review it. We promise not to give the game away.

“The University of Bath is ranked 381 in the world by Webometrics and 301-350 in the world by Times Higher Education. It has 15,964 students and originates in the Merchant Venturers College attended by Paul Dirac and Peter Higgs.”

Other former students of Merchant Venturers included Harry ‘death ray’ Grindell Matthews, another isolated crank with a ruined (but previously successful) professional life, who went to live (and die) in Craigcefnparc, and W.D.Verscholye, the anti-gravity crank whose incompetent ‘work’ pre-dated the moronic Biefeld-Brown ‘effect’. Matthews and Dirac both have blue plaques in the Bristol area. Higgs will eventually get one near his home. You will have to paint your own; a faked cap to faked success. See, Ron, ‘name-dropping’ is a highly double-edged sword.  Stop cutting yourself!


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