Fat Chance Reiterated

Nomination and Selection of Physics Laureates

September 13, 2015

Many thanks for this information in the public domain. It is quite a complicated process. I am told that I have been nominated several times for a Nobel Prize and my nominations for the Wolf Prize, Milner award and so on are in the public domain and in “Marquis Who’s Who”.”

But you mix only with other yes-man cranks, so of course you will be told that. A routine ploy in the lunatic fringe is to claim to have been nominated for a Nobel Prize. This is a ‘safe lie’ precisely because the process is so secret. It is several decades before the details are revealed. Tesla-fans (aka loonies) used to claim that he missed out on a Nobel because the committee could not decide between him and that other old fraud, Edison. We now know that – unsurprisingly – neither of them was in the running … ever. As for the ‘foremost reference work’, Marquis also says that the thief and conman John Searl was awarded a BA at the age of 14, by an orphanage. Why do you want the prize anyway? That would make you part of the ‘establishment’, and the whole point of being a crank is to be ‘agin everything’. It is the same peculiar logic which drives cranks like Bearden to buy doctorates, even though they claim to be against the very culture which awards such doctorates.  

“There is no reason to disbelieve this enthusiasm. The Nobel Prize nominations are confidential, but are often made known. I have been told many times throughout my career that I deserve one or more Nobel Prizes, so this is very nice of friends and colleagues and let us keep our fingers crossed. There is no doubt that my life work makes and will continue to make a vast impact, and that the early personal attacks have had no effect.”

To reiterate the point, there is every reason to dispel such enthusiasm. We are slowly analyzing your entire ‘opera’ (never was the word so apt) and all of the signs so far are that it hardly differs from your post-breakdown ‘work’: that is, there is a very low rate of citation – at all – by truly independent writers, and an unusual degree of self-citation. The final graph will be a useful piece of evidence when calling for the removal of the Civil List pension: you can keep the money, it is the insult to previous recipients that we decry. Rather than yearning for other undeserved accolades, prepare to weep for the one that you lose.


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