Discussion of Note 327(7)

September 15, 2015

Yes it is very strange. It is an adaptation into standard notation of the Richard Fitzpatrick calculation found by googling “Farside apsidal” and the first site that comes up on nearly circular orbits. My intention was to wrap up the Einstein era so we can move on to the Minkowski calculation to follow up our discovery that special relativity gives precession.”

That is not ‘your’ discovery. It is a trivial prediction of special relativity and is given to physics students as an exercise. Do we really have to provide links to prove it, or can you google them for yourself? But google seems to be particularly bad at finding things that you do not want to know, does it not? 

2 Responses to “Plagiarist!”

  1. Pentrefwr Says:

    Talking about “discoveries”, Moron is not discovering much about his home village these days. Is it because nobody talks to him locally anymore. He has also not heard that Wind Turbines are back on his village agenda. Another strange fact is that Moron does not mention the news in UK Politics. I don’t think he has yet heard of Jeremy Corbyn. Lastly one local village had an article published in a local magazine a few years ago. It was not academic but it was interesting. This villager now finds to consternation that some time after it was published it was reproduced by Moron on Moron’s blog under Moron’s name as author. What a shyster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do you say Crackpotwatch?

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      He has certainly heard of Corbyn because, a few weeks ago, he seemed to be under the impression that Corbyn was already elected as leader. All the rest is par for the course. We are rather concerned by his absence from his blog for 2 days. We are afraid that it might be due to something trivial.

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