We Look Forward …

Plans for UFT328

September 19, 2015

I plan to develop new methods of showing that special relativity produces precession. This major discovery was made in UFT324 and UFT325 by Horst Eckardt and myself using a numerical method based on a scatter plot, and UFT327 was the first attempt to prove the precession analytically, using the Dirac approximation. UFT327 makes the remarkable discovery that the orbital equation produced from the infinitesimal line element of special relativity can be interpreted relativistically or classically, because it contains the ratio p / L = p0 / L0, where p = gamma p0 is the relativistic momentum and L = gamma L0 is the relativistic angular momentum.”

We look forward to this. Ron’s support of perpetual motion and antigravity immediately outs him as a screwball, but some innocent souls might still believe that his other ideas are sound. It will therefore be excruciatingly embarrassing if he presents – as his discovery – something which is well-known, obvious, and regularly presented at undergraduate physics level. Of course, a chemist would not know this. Ron seems to possess, as a personal scientific library, only the old textbooks from his student days. He should at least buy updated editions of the old ones. We shall have to put together all of the elementary proofs on the subject of special relativistic effects on Keplerian orbits and list them here. By the way, ‘his’ idea that the gravitomagnetic effect is the same as the Coriolis effect has also been discussed at elementary level. But we do not want to get into that because, although published in bona fide sources,  it assumes a Machian view of the universe, and that is very out-of-favour these days. 


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