Reduced Class Size

Agreed with Stephen Crothers

September 20, 2015

The Crothers School of Thought has refuted Einsteinian GR in many ways which add to the refutations of the AIAS / UPITEC School. Stephen Crothers is a meticulous scholar and in his latest criticism of Post, summarizes the lamentable lack of knowledge of the dogmatists, in this case their failure to recognize that the Einstein pseudotensor is not a valid construct. The omission of torsion renders any geometry meaningless, so the entire Einstein era is meaningless dogma. ECE and ECE2 improve the original Einstein theory by removing its errors.”

And how big is that school? We bet that they could hold a ‘salon’ in one of those old red Brit call boxes. He is not a meticulous scholar; he cannot even understand the Swarzschild metric (don’t forget to buy that simplified explanation in the current issue of the European Journal of Physics). We have pointed out many times that torsion is frequently investigated by real scientists … and is always found wanting. To ‘crother’ was already a pejorative term in Australian slang. To ‘evans’ may well become an equally pejorative term among real scientists. Definition: to Evans [verb, transitive] to append ones name undeservedly to a scientific theory or to a list of famous scientists. Cf Rule 25, Baez crackpot index. 


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