Illuminati at Work?

The Universe of Myron Evans

September 25, 2015

Yes it appears that it has been scrubbed, but the unedited script of it that I wrote has been made into broadcasts narrated by Robert Cheshire, who was also the narrator of the film made partially at the Patti Theatre of Craig y Nos Castle. It was originally posted from Austria, and someone may have a copy of it an repost it. I think that it can be bought from the filmmakers.”

Oh dear, who will be the first to cry ‘conspiracy’? What dark forces are trying to keep Ron’s great discoveries from the general public? Nothing to do with us: shallow thinkers might want to suppress Ron’s drivel, but that would only create a martyr. We want Ron to crash and burn very publicly. We want future science students to be warned about the dangers and attractions of pseudoscience. We want this to become a constant reproach, “exercise scientific caution and modesty, don’t be such a Myron Evans”. Favorable comments on Ron should become a sure-fire indicator that the speaker is naive, crooked and/or stupid, just as favorable comments about Tesla already serve the same purpose among physicists.  


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