Pure Desperation

Osamu Ide at MANA-RSC symposium: Materials for Energy Generation and Storage

September 27, 2015

Many thanks, this is an important presentation of energy from spacetime to the Royal Society of Chemistry Meeting in Tsukuba University on 15 – 16 October. UFT311 by Kurt Arenhold and Horst Eckardt is very well studied already and gives full details of the Osamu Ide circuit and its precise description with ECE theory.”

All of this nonsense stems from the fact that, way back in 1995, Ide managed to get a paper into the Journal of Applied Physics. It described the behavior of a run-of-the-mill ‘LCR’ circuit; the only novelty being a movable ferromagnetic core in the L (inductance) part of the circuit. The core was attracted by the magnetic field generated by the current resulting from the discharge of the C (capacitance) part of the circuit. The paper reported an unusual increase in the re-charge (sic) voltage. There was no claim that output was greater than input; such a claim would have got the paper rejected on-the-spot. Nevertheless, the ambiguity of the wording might lead some suitably predisposed readers to think that it was a perpetual motion machine. It was a very mundane piece of work, and has been cited only 7 times in 20 years; 3 times by Ide (twice while at loony conferences and once in a patent application). All of the other citations were by the usual suspects (Siemens Stain and Amador). You see how desperate these clowns are, and how they seize on every paltry shred of so-called ‘evidence’? 


2 Responses to “Pure Desperation”

  1. Dirac Equation Says:

    You will look in vain for his name on the list of invited speakers. This announcement on the conference website, in conjunction with his reference to a ‘poster’, perhaps sheds new light on his claim to be ‘giving a presentation’:

    “Call for posters
    Students and young researchers attending the meeting are encouraged to present a poster.

    Posters are displayed throughout the meeting and a poster session is held on the afternoon and evening of the first day and the afternoon of the second day. Prizes will be awarded for the best poster(s).”

    Hardly playing with the big boys, is it?

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      No. It has often seemed to us that poster-sessions make one a bit like the poster-carriers outside of a political conference: unlikely to have any influence, and probably flaky to boot.

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