The Moron State

Low Energy Nuclear Reactions and Energy from Spacetime Now Mainstream

September 29, 2015

This is excellent news, especially as LENR started in the University of Utah. I think that Government and corporate funding should be poured into the development of devices such as this. They are historically equivalent to the development of steam power, followed by electric power, and your Thesis on the second industrial revolution is an excellent summary. I much enjoyed the walk to Hendy coal tip and I hope you have framed your piece of steam coal as a memento of the first industrial revolution.”

One cannot expect a great deal from a state which was founded by the followers of a lying confidence trickster and religious maniac. And one also cannot expect much of business sources. After all, they were just as gung ho about Madoff’s Ponzi scheme when it started. More pertinently, we can remember when the Financial Times covered the perpetual-motion scheme of Kenneth Shoulders. He and his fellow crackpots (strangely calling themselves the Jupiter Toy Company) conned a wealthy chicken farmer into investing in their ‘electron cluster’ scheme. Guess how that ended. It is always the case that the crank may get a little money, the promoter gets a lot more, and only the investors lose out. Ron’s friend, John (help me rebuild my cancer-curing levitating perpetual-motion machine) Searl, has been living off this type of investment scam for decades. 


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