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Crackpot-Style Diplomacy

October 29, 2015

Discussions with Physics and Mathematics at Aberystwyth

October 29, 2015

AIAS / UPITEC has always been prepared to enter into such discussions. I advocate a radical restructuring of tertiary education in Wales so that it is serves the People, which is supreme authority in the University of Wales and indeed any university. The departments of physics and mathematics are departments of standard physics, whereas AIAS / UPITEC advocates a radically different school of thought, ECE physics.”

Well, how very ‘ecumenical’ of you, Ron. But will Aberystwyth not see all of your bad-mouthing of it, which you have so carefully archived for its delectation?

Aberystwyth Physics – the Worst Department of Physics in Britain

January 11, 2015

Trouble with the Physics Department at Aberystwyth

November 2, 2013

Closure of Physics and Mathematics at Aberystwyth and Swansea

November 1, 2013

Very Poor Mean h Index of the School of Physics and Mathematics Aberystwyth

October 20, 2013

h Indices of Full Professors in Physics and Mathematics at Aberystwyth

October 19, 2013

Prof. Simon Cox, Director of Research Physics Aberystwyth

October 15, 2013

Physics at Aberystwyth: Prof. Manuel Grande

October 15, 2013

What is There Left of Aberystwyth?

October 15, 2013

Some H Indices of Staff at Bangor and Aberystwyth

October 14, 2013

Violation of Human Rights by UCW Aberystwyth

March 20, 2013

Analysis of Aberystwyth’s Decline

September 10, 2012

Criticism of the Physics Department at Aberystwyth

December 3, 2010

Conspiracies at Aberystwyth and UNCC

October 24, 2009

Ranking of Aberystwyth in 2007

September 11, 2008

Well, good luck with that forlorn plan. Of course, we must agree that the university must be pretty ropy. After all, it gave you a DSc! And just look at how that turned out.



Scum Warning

October 28, 2015

Hyper hurricane in Mexico

October 28, 2015

Good to hear from Alex Hill and I am glad that there was only minor damage. I trust that the crops were insured. It would be important to try to invent a device that destroys a wind vortex in some way or another, before it hits a big city.”

Just look at what it did to the research headquarters of ET3M, from where Alex (Hill of Beans) supposedly sells perpetual-motion machines to Fortune 50 companies:

My beautiful picture

Oh, sorry, our mistake, it always looks like that. And, never forget, “think ET3M, think …


Access Denied

October 24, 2015

Vacuum Fluctuations

October 24, 2015

Many thanks, sounds interesting, I tried to access it but the system returned “page could not be reached”. Can you give me an idea of what it is about? The classic ECE paper on this subject on this subject is UFT85, studied thousands of times, develop into UFT292 – UFT299, the Eckardt / Lindstrom papers, also studied many thousands of times.”

One of us can see it Ron. In fact, there is almost nothing that we, collectively, cannot access. The article in question is hidden behind a pay-wall. Genuine academics just walk through pay-walls, thanks to their institutional privileges. What a pity that you are not a proper academic, and belong to no genuine institution.  It must be very galling. Never mind, one of your lap-dogs will probably send you a copy (contrary to the conditions of their subscription).

Peer to Peer

October 24, 2015

Visit by Engineer

October 24, 2015

TO CEO Talk Talk

Dear Baroness Dido Harding,

The engineer this morning installed a new nine megabyte router at no expense, and all seems well at present. The internal and external lines are all fine. The engineer was from Merthyr Tydfil, and was fast, friendly and efficient, like Trevithick’s steam engine, faster than boiled asparagus. Thank you for this complementary service.”

We are surprised that the good baroness herself did not come around to fix it. Doubtless none of your serfs would have enjoyed such a personal, free and speedy service;  it must all be thanks to your enormous flatus status. Nevertheless, it is lucky that he passed your nationality-test. What remains shrouded in mystery however is the nature of the complementary service that he provided. Was it something to do with your connector?

Meaning of the Word, ‘Restricted’

October 23, 2015

“I think that ticketing of offenders should begin. As mentioned, I have observed long skid marks, so speeding is habitual, a major accident, possibly fatal, is very likely to occur. The County Council must not wait for a fatality.

Dr. M. W. Evans, Gent, 50 Rhyddwen Road, Craigcefnparc, Swansea SA6 5RA.

In a message dated 22/10/2015 13:17:03 GMT Daylight Time, writes:



There are concerns from Dr Myron EVANS who is living in the CRAIG CEFN PARC area, with regard to parking on the Mountain Road and Rhyddwen Road area.”

of a document or information not to be disclosed to the general public or persons other than the authorized recipient“. What does the local bobby think of your disclosing the above? A complaint has already been lodged with Talk Talk over your posting of personal communications from the good Baroness, in spite of the clear warning not to do so.

Cyber Attack on Science and Education

October 23, 2015

Cyber attack on talktalk

October 23, 2015

Many thanks to my cousin Vivienne Swaby for this information. These people are usually after credit card information and so on, so I advise all readers to be cautious.”

WARNING: an unscrupulous individual, calling himself ‘professor’ Evans and claiming to be a ‘lord’ as well as the ‘director’ of an influential ‘institute’ has been using a Talk Talk connection to spread disinformation concerning scientific matters and thus damaging the education of young people. He claims, for example, that scientists from Einstein to Hawking are wrong and that CERN should be closed down. Meanwhile, he backs pseudosciences such as perpetual-motion and antigravity and is closely associated with other conmen involved in those rackets, such as the former convict John Searl and the gun-carrying ‘Dr’ Thomas Bearden. All physics teachers should be on their guard because this crafty manipulator has somehow already managed to suborn the support of establishment figures.  

Master of All He Surveys

October 22, 2015

Parking on a junction by CK58 NNO

October 22, 2015

To PC Anthony Davies, Clydach Police Station:

This car has been parked nearly on the junction (within about one metre) most of yesterday and all night. It is owned by 48 Rhyddwen Road. Your 101 Unit will send out police to ask the owner to move it and not park there again. If he does, he becomes a habitual offender. I was also told by your 101 Unit that trespassing on the Newlands Estate is a matter for Swansea County Council, not for the police. Accordingly I will ask the Council once again to ask the owners to remove these cars. I will ask the Council whether or not I have the right to block access on behalf of the Newlands Estate. At present my house, that of the Armiger, is surrounded by illegally parked cars. These should not be parking there at all, and should be removed. Habitual offenders ignore police request and are open to being given a parking ticket if there were any Wardens here, or simply charged. The “disputed” land is certainly the land of the Newlands Estate as pointed out by Mayda Thomas of Messrs Peter Lynn and Partners, a vastly experienced firm of solicitors and experts in adverse possession. It is inappropriate to have the Armiger’s residence surrounded by illegally parked cars. I have blocked the attempt at adverse possession and the matter is very likely to go to a Lands Tribunal to which I will show evidence of ownership by the Newlands Estate (currently my sister Gwenydd and I, my first cousins Lynwen and Huw, and in fifth part ONLY, Ellis Williams, the latter is not, and never was, in sole possession). These are the five great grandchildren of William Newlands – the Newlands Estate.

Myron Evans

Arglywdd Glyn Tawe a Gw^yr,
Lord of Glyn Tawe and Gower
(my chosen armigerous title as a member of the Gentry of Wales, conveyed to the College of Arms in London, which has no objection to the title)”

Oh dear, Ron, it is almost as if your subjects have no respect for your coat-of-arms. What are you going to do if some other social-climber (perhaps a non-Welsh incomer) decides to fork out a few thousand for his own coat-of-arms? You would then be just an armiger and not the armiger. The serfs also seem to have no respect for your lordly status nor for your vast lordly estate; perhaps they jealously choose to see only a small garden. Perhaps you would earn more academic respect, at least, if you put up a large sign to show that it is also the AIAS campus.  

Community Service

October 21, 2015

Need for Traffic Wardens in Mawr

October 21, 2015

To Byron Davies MP, cc South Wales police

These are some recent offenders (a small sample out of very many) parking right on the junction of Mountain Road and Rhyddwen Road: CK58 NNO of 48 Rhyddwen Road, many hours today, N55 PNC habitual offender, others include X304 TSS Citroen, CU15 YVC.”

Why not volunteer for the task yourself, Ron? It seems to us, and to the few physicists who know about you, that your talents suit you better to petty harassment and professional envy than to physics. We ourselves would certainly want to shift that purple vehicle from our field of view, and that brand new red car is hardly less easy on the eye. Still, you would have to be professional about your post, and not let it bother you that the purple one hails from Scotland and that the white BMW bears vanity plates.     

Already Sharpening the Stake …

October 20, 2015

FOR POSTING: Essay 114

October 20, 2015

This essay refutes the dogma and mythology that has grown up around perihelion precession, and concludes that all we really know is that special relativity produces precession. It also severely criticises the experimental methods used in perihelion precession.”

‘Your’ big discovery is not a discovery; it is a trivial deduction from special relativity, plays a trivial role in the overall precession, and its calculation has been a ‘student exercise’ for a long time. Your crowing about this will be one of the biggest nails in your academic coffin when you are finally dragged into public view.   

Which Reminds Us …

October 19, 2015

Poster presentation by Osamu Ide

October 19, 2015

Pleasure! Franklin Amador also contributed immensely in typesetting volumes of “Generally Covariant Unified Field Theory”, and I met him at Craig y Nos Castle. They have quite good food there if you are ever in this part of the world. The farm food I grew up on was unbeatable. It must be the same all over the world, farm food is best. It was the home of the famous Adelina Patti, and from 1876 to 1878 it was owned by my ancestral cousin Morgan Morgan, known as “The Squire”. I descend from his younger brother William Morgan. If I can raise the funds I will buy back the castle to put it back in the family and use it for cultural affairs in both languages.”

New readers may not be aware that Craigcefnparc was the last resting-place of another crackpot, Harry ‘death-ray’ Grindell-Matthews. Unlike Ron, Matthews actually made some real innovations early in life and that is why there is a Blue Plaque to his memory at his birth-place near Bristol. But things then went wrong and he ended up making more and more outlandish claims. He even went so far as to defraud the British government by trying to make it invest in his death-ray on the basis of faked demonstrations. Incidentally, the spectacular device which is often used to illustrate newspaper articles about him is not the death-ray, but his sky-projector. Some people have mistakenly tried to credit him with that idea, and with being the inspiration for the ‘bat-signal’ of the comic-strip. Perhaps he was the inspiration, but he certainly did not originate sky-projection: pre-wireless over-the-horizon communication between ships, via cloud and searchlight, dates from the 19th century (never forget that powerful arc-lamps were available long before the electric-light bulb). Anyway, the point of interest here is that Matthews did not just admire opera divas; he married one, the uber-eccentric Ganna Walska (said to be the inspiration for a character in Citizen Kane). It would be interesting to know whether she ever deigned to visit Craigcefnparc and, if she did, did she make a side-trip to Patti’s castle?