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Crackpot-Style Diplomacy

October 29, 2015

Discussions with Physics and Mathematics at Aberystwyth

October 29, 2015

AIAS / UPITEC has always been prepared to enter into such discussions. I advocate a radical restructuring of tertiary education in Wales so that it is serves the People, which is supreme authority in the University of Wales and indeed any university. The departments of physics and mathematics are departments of standard physics, whereas AIAS / UPITEC advocates a radically different school of thought, ECE physics.”

Well, how very ‘ecumenical’ of you, Ron. But will Aberystwyth not see all of your bad-mouthing of it, which you have so carefully archived for its delectation?

Aberystwyth Physics – the Worst Department of Physics in Britain

January 11, 2015

Trouble with the Physics Department at Aberystwyth

November 2, 2013

Closure of Physics and Mathematics at Aberystwyth and Swansea

November 1, 2013

Very Poor Mean h Index of the School of Physics and Mathematics Aberystwyth

October 20, 2013

h Indices of Full Professors in Physics and Mathematics at Aberystwyth

October 19, 2013

Prof. Simon Cox, Director of Research Physics Aberystwyth

October 15, 2013

Physics at Aberystwyth: Prof. Manuel Grande

October 15, 2013

What is There Left of Aberystwyth?

October 15, 2013

Some H Indices of Staff at Bangor and Aberystwyth

October 14, 2013

Violation of Human Rights by UCW Aberystwyth

March 20, 2013

Analysis of Aberystwyth’s Decline

September 10, 2012

Criticism of the Physics Department at Aberystwyth

December 3, 2010

Conspiracies at Aberystwyth and UNCC

October 24, 2009

Ranking of Aberystwyth in 2007

September 11, 2008

Well, good luck with that forlorn plan. Of course, we must agree that the university must be pretty ropy. After all, it gave you a DSc! And just look at how that turned out.



Scum Warning

October 28, 2015

Hyper hurricane in Mexico

October 28, 2015

Good to hear from Alex Hill and I am glad that there was only minor damage. I trust that the crops were insured. It would be important to try to invent a device that destroys a wind vortex in some way or another, before it hits a big city.”

Just look at what it did to the research headquarters of ET3M, from where Alex (Hill of Beans) supposedly sells perpetual-motion machines to Fortune 50 companies:

My beautiful picture

Oh, sorry, our mistake, it always looks like that. And, never forget, “think ET3M, think …


Access Denied

October 24, 2015

Vacuum Fluctuations

October 24, 2015

Many thanks, sounds interesting, I tried to access it but the system returned “page could not be reached”. Can you give me an idea of what it is about? The classic ECE paper on this subject on this subject is UFT85, studied thousands of times, develop into UFT292 – UFT299, the Eckardt / Lindstrom papers, also studied many thousands of times.”

One of us can see it Ron. In fact, there is almost nothing that we, collectively, cannot access. The article in question is hidden behind a pay-wall. Genuine academics just walk through pay-walls, thanks to their institutional privileges. What a pity that you are not a proper academic, and belong to no genuine institution.  It must be very galling. Never mind, one of your lap-dogs will probably send you a copy (contrary to the conditions of their subscription).

Peer to Peer

October 24, 2015

Visit by Engineer

October 24, 2015

TO CEO Talk Talk

Dear Baroness Dido Harding,

The engineer this morning installed a new nine megabyte router at no expense, and all seems well at present. The internal and external lines are all fine. The engineer was from Merthyr Tydfil, and was fast, friendly and efficient, like Trevithick’s steam engine, faster than boiled asparagus. Thank you for this complementary service.”

We are surprised that the good baroness herself did not come around to fix it. Doubtless none of your serfs would have enjoyed such a personal, free and speedy service;  it must all be thanks to your enormous flatus status. Nevertheless, it is lucky that he passed your nationality-test. What remains shrouded in mystery however is the nature of the complementary service that he provided. Was it something to do with your connector?

Meaning of the Word, ‘Restricted’

October 23, 2015

“I think that ticketing of offenders should begin. As mentioned, I have observed long skid marks, so speeding is habitual, a major accident, possibly fatal, is very likely to occur. The County Council must not wait for a fatality.

Dr. M. W. Evans, Gent, 50 Rhyddwen Road, Craigcefnparc, Swansea SA6 5RA.

In a message dated 22/10/2015 13:17:03 GMT Daylight Time, writes:



There are concerns from Dr Myron EVANS who is living in the CRAIG CEFN PARC area, with regard to parking on the Mountain Road and Rhyddwen Road area.”

of a document or information not to be disclosed to the general public or persons other than the authorized recipient“. What does the local bobby think of your disclosing the above? A complaint has already been lodged with Talk Talk over your posting of personal communications from the good Baroness, in spite of the clear warning not to do so.

Cyber Attack on Science and Education

October 23, 2015

Cyber attack on talktalk

October 23, 2015

Many thanks to my cousin Vivienne Swaby for this information. These people are usually after credit card information and so on, so I advise all readers to be cautious.”

WARNING: an unscrupulous individual, calling himself ‘professor’ Evans and claiming to be a ‘lord’ as well as the ‘director’ of an influential ‘institute’ has been using a Talk Talk connection to spread disinformation concerning scientific matters and thus damaging the education of young people. He claims, for example, that scientists from Einstein to Hawking are wrong and that CERN should be closed down. Meanwhile, he backs pseudosciences such as perpetual-motion and antigravity and is closely associated with other conmen involved in those rackets, such as the former convict John Searl and the gun-carrying ‘Dr’ Thomas Bearden. All physics teachers should be on their guard because this crafty manipulator has somehow already managed to suborn the support of establishment figures.  

Master of All He Surveys

October 22, 2015

Parking on a junction by CK58 NNO

October 22, 2015

To PC Anthony Davies, Clydach Police Station:

This car has been parked nearly on the junction (within about one metre) most of yesterday and all night. It is owned by 48 Rhyddwen Road. Your 101 Unit will send out police to ask the owner to move it and not park there again. If he does, he becomes a habitual offender. I was also told by your 101 Unit that trespassing on the Newlands Estate is a matter for Swansea County Council, not for the police. Accordingly I will ask the Council once again to ask the owners to remove these cars. I will ask the Council whether or not I have the right to block access on behalf of the Newlands Estate. At present my house, that of the Armiger, is surrounded by illegally parked cars. These should not be parking there at all, and should be removed. Habitual offenders ignore police request and are open to being given a parking ticket if there were any Wardens here, or simply charged. The “disputed” land is certainly the land of the Newlands Estate as pointed out by Mayda Thomas of Messrs Peter Lynn and Partners, a vastly experienced firm of solicitors and experts in adverse possession. It is inappropriate to have the Armiger’s residence surrounded by illegally parked cars. I have blocked the attempt at adverse possession and the matter is very likely to go to a Lands Tribunal to which I will show evidence of ownership by the Newlands Estate (currently my sister Gwenydd and I, my first cousins Lynwen and Huw, and in fifth part ONLY, Ellis Williams, the latter is not, and never was, in sole possession). These are the five great grandchildren of William Newlands – the Newlands Estate.

Myron Evans

Arglywdd Glyn Tawe a Gw^yr,
Lord of Glyn Tawe and Gower
(my chosen armigerous title as a member of the Gentry of Wales, conveyed to the College of Arms in London, which has no objection to the title)”

Oh dear, Ron, it is almost as if your subjects have no respect for your coat-of-arms. What are you going to do if some other social-climber (perhaps a non-Welsh incomer) decides to fork out a few thousand for his own coat-of-arms? You would then be just an armiger and not the armiger. The serfs also seem to have no respect for your lordly status nor for your vast lordly estate; perhaps they jealously choose to see only a small garden. Perhaps you would earn more academic respect, at least, if you put up a large sign to show that it is also the AIAS campus.  

Community Service

October 21, 2015

Need for Traffic Wardens in Mawr

October 21, 2015

To Byron Davies MP, cc South Wales police

These are some recent offenders (a small sample out of very many) parking right on the junction of Mountain Road and Rhyddwen Road: CK58 NNO of 48 Rhyddwen Road, many hours today, N55 PNC habitual offender, others include X304 TSS Citroen, CU15 YVC.”

Why not volunteer for the task yourself, Ron? It seems to us, and to the few physicists who know about you, that your talents suit you better to petty harassment and professional envy than to physics. We ourselves would certainly want to shift that purple vehicle from our field of view, and that brand new red car is hardly less easy on the eye. Still, you would have to be professional about your post, and not let it bother you that the purple one hails from Scotland and that the white BMW bears vanity plates.     

Already Sharpening the Stake …

October 20, 2015

FOR POSTING: Essay 114

October 20, 2015

This essay refutes the dogma and mythology that has grown up around perihelion precession, and concludes that all we really know is that special relativity produces precession. It also severely criticises the experimental methods used in perihelion precession.”

‘Your’ big discovery is not a discovery; it is a trivial deduction from special relativity, plays a trivial role in the overall precession, and its calculation has been a ‘student exercise’ for a long time. Your crowing about this will be one of the biggest nails in your academic coffin when you are finally dragged into public view.   

Which Reminds Us …

October 19, 2015

Poster presentation by Osamu Ide

October 19, 2015

Pleasure! Franklin Amador also contributed immensely in typesetting volumes of “Generally Covariant Unified Field Theory”, and I met him at Craig y Nos Castle. They have quite good food there if you are ever in this part of the world. The farm food I grew up on was unbeatable. It must be the same all over the world, farm food is best. It was the home of the famous Adelina Patti, and from 1876 to 1878 it was owned by my ancestral cousin Morgan Morgan, known as “The Squire”. I descend from his younger brother William Morgan. If I can raise the funds I will buy back the castle to put it back in the family and use it for cultural affairs in both languages.”

New readers may not be aware that Craigcefnparc was the last resting-place of another crackpot, Harry ‘death-ray’ Grindell-Matthews. Unlike Ron, Matthews actually made some real innovations early in life and that is why there is a Blue Plaque to his memory at his birth-place near Bristol. But things then went wrong and he ended up making more and more outlandish claims. He even went so far as to defraud the British government by trying to make it invest in his death-ray on the basis of faked demonstrations. Incidentally, the spectacular device which is often used to illustrate newspaper articles about him is not the death-ray, but his sky-projector. Some people have mistakenly tried to credit him with that idea, and with being the inspiration for the ‘bat-signal’ of the comic-strip. Perhaps he was the inspiration, but he certainly did not originate sky-projection: pre-wireless over-the-horizon communication between ships, via cloud and searchlight, dates from the 19th century (never forget that powerful arc-lamps were available long before the electric-light bulb). Anyway, the point of interest here is that Matthews did not just admire opera divas; he married one, the uber-eccentric Ganna Walska (said to be the inspiration for a character in Citizen Kane). It would be interesting to know whether she ever deigned to visit Craigcefnparc and, if she did, did she make a side-trip to Patti’s castle?     

E Tuttavia Non Si Muove

October 18, 2015

Our websites versus Wikipedia

October 18, 2015

We often out impact wikipedia on any given topic. The latter is regarded as non scientific when it comes to ECE, and its childish libel concerning myself is well known and of course rejected. I had it removed but there are still some obnoxious and smelly caches left, rotting in the dustbins of science history. Its description of ECE is regarded as easily refuted distortion of Cartan geometry and has been ignored for years. It is already clear that ECE will last for as long as physics lasts. There appears to be only one troll left on wiki, who uses wikipedia to libel AIAS Fellows, ranting to himself on his own, an archetypical crank. It is clear from the analyses sent over today that ECE is here to stay. readers, particularly students, are encouraged to try to apply it to any given problem.”

Oh give it up, Ron. It is clear to any rational person that all of your ‘success’ is a delusion. Why not try comparing yourself with your friend Searl. He has more websites than you have and they have far higher ratings, he has several companies (yours folded), he has given more interviews than you have, he has appeared at more loony conferences than you have, he is mentioned (somewhat worryingly) at AIAA conferences and – above all – there are hundreds of YouTube videos about him. You have just a few, thanks to Fucilla, and hardly anyone looks at them. And  … none of Searl’s claims have ever been refuted in a scientific journal. That is because even bothering to do so would make the author look stupid  … for wasting time. The same principle now applies to you.  You should not court fame. That would draw attention to the embarrassing situation of a crackpot receiving a Civil-List pension. That would attract a lot of mail from real scientists, but it would not be complimentary. Perhaps you will soon have (in)fame thrust upon you!

Ron Reads Our Blog … Again

October 18, 2015

Google’s Main Criteria for Page One Rankings

October 18, 2015

These are found by googling “Google first page criteria”, sixth site that comes up. Google uses about two hundred ranking factors which are coded into its spiders and search engines, controlled by search engine staff. I report on these spiders every early morning. The main criteria are as follows”

No Ron, are you particularly dim or is this just your usual pattern of spreading disinformation? What you have listed are the criteria that Google-central uses to order its posts. But, if you run Google (the search engine) on your computer, it helpfully keeps an ‘eye’ on your favorite searches and websites and brings those up anew as soon as you type a relevant keyword. 

Galna Människor i Arbete

October 18, 2015

Discussion of Swedish Paper on LENR

October 18, 2015

Many thanks to Horst Eckardt for reading through this paper. Longitudinal resonance has been well worked out in the Eckardt / Lindstrom papers UFT291 – UFT299 and could indeed be applied to LENR. It seems to me that the absence of neutron production indicates energy from spacetime via resonance as suggested here by Horst, a development of spin connection resonance theory.”

The equation which Ron calls the Euler-Bernoulli equation is one of the simplest used in mathematical physics. It is also ubiquitous and can be used to treat everything from car suspensions to ‘rocking boulders’ in US National Parks. In the particular context of crackpots, it can also explain why spinning eccentric wheels within hermetically sealed boxes can propel the box across ice and why Laithwaite’s balance appeared to register a loss of weight when a spinning wheel was weighed. With a little modification, the equation also treats the basic RLC circuit in electrical engineering. Although it is a simple equation, it can yield unphysical results in the hands of the incompetent: you know, the sort of person who lets his computer do his thinking for him. Real scientists use such unphysical results as a warning that they have made a mistake. Pseudoscientists put the rubbish result on their blog … or sneak into a conference and present it in the lobby.  

“It is also interesting to hear that the Muenich group has started LENR experiments of its own.”

That is worrying: keep away from Kafkastrasse if Siemens Stain is going to be playing around with hydrogen in his flat. Hydrogen has a much wider explosive range than does petrol vapor. And from where are they going to get the platinum? Is Siemens Stain going to ‘borrow some from work’ or get it from his bank deposit-box (Germans like to hoard gold bars and Krugers, but some branch out into platinum). If ‘the Muenchen Gruppe’ think that they can get away with experimenting on nickel, they should think again: 6N-purity nickel is also very expensive and the use of cheaper grades would undermine the scientific worth of their ‘research’ LOL. 

“Further developments of spin connection resonance are possible with the ECE2 papers, UFT313 – 320, and UFT322 – 329, already being read thousands of times a year. ”

… but never cited by non-cranks

“By now all the spin connection resonance papers are classics, all having been read tens to hundreds of thousands of times, all coming up on the first page of Google.”

They come up first only on your computer. Why can you not understand that?

“The quality of the readership is the highest possible. We know this for a mountain of detailed scientometrics. ”

Well, only after weeding out the 98% which is, by your own admission, dross. Now, if the quality 2% are avidly seeking out your UFT (Useless Fatuous Tripe) papers for enlightenment, why are the remainder visiting your websites? How can you prove that you are measuring anything more than ‘noise’?  

“They should be updated with UFT292 – UFT299 and the ECE2 papers, plus the circuit papers UFT311 and UFT321. UFT311 is exact confirmation of the existence of the spin connection using the Osamu Ide circuit. Osamu Ide has just presented a poster on it at an RSC conference. So things have advanced rapidly.”

Do you know how poster-sessions work, Ron? The presenters who stand in the lobby are about as well respected as the activists who hang around outside of Party Conferences.  

“Ten years ago I was being attacked as a newly crackpotted Civil List Pensioner advocating perpetual motion, and of course the attacks on LENR in its early stages were personal and unscientific in the same way. ”

You are a crackpot, and we shall never stop pointing this out. We hear that a forthcoming book on the subject of crackpot academics devotes a chapter to you. That will be interesting: what will happen when the sort of people whom you claim to be your followers actually find out about you? All of that archiving which you like to do will rebound on you with a vengeance. There will be nowhere to hide.

“It is clear to an amoeba by now that we are witnessing the start of Dr. Stephen Bannister’s second industrial revolution. The real crackpots are those who think the horse is hidden in the boot (or trunk in American English). So that is how a horseless carriage works. The Wright brothers used gasbags from Congress, imported from Parliament, ”

We wonder how long Bannister will hang onto his professorship when it becomes known that he believes in energy-from-nowhere. 

“and Marconi swam overnight from Poldu to Newfoundland, and switched on the receiver.”

Ooh, bad example. The completely unqualified Marconi did in fact set up that demonstration in complete secrecy so that, if it failed, it would not damage sales of his existing radios. He knew that the latter radios worked even when there was no line-of-sight, but there is a very high ‘mountain’ between the continents. He had crackpot beliefs concerning physics, and worked out his own theory of why the broadcast might work. Unfortunately, it was a completely wrong theory and the ‘S S S’ got through for a completely different reason. So, a crackpot received probably the most undeserved Nobel Prize in history. Hmm, perhaps there is hope for you yet, Ron. 

Tiresome Little Clowns

October 17, 2015

Criticisms of Kirchhoff’s Law of Thermal Emission

October 17, 2015

Robitaille and Crothers are very likely to be right, because they are careful scholars and avant garde thinkers. In the Evans Morris papers many flaws in the Planck development were uncovered. These papers are very popular around the world. So there is a pattern emerging: the self proclaimed vessels of wisdom (standard physics crowd) are leaking badly.”

So how come they have to present their ideas in the pseudoscientific journal, Progress in Physics, and have to use vixra rather than arXiv? It is a very bad sign that the lunatic fringe is able to seize the best journal-titles. Journal of Nuclear Physics sounds very solid and reliable, but is just another Rossi tool. And Journal of Meteorology was, for many years, under the control of second-hand car-dealer Terence Meaden: one of the crop-circle clowns (he has no qualifications in meteorology and the ‘journal’ is really just a fanzine). 

What Sort of Swede is That?

October 17, 2015

Swedish Scientists Publish Paper Claiming “Ponderomotive Forces” Explain…

October 17, 2015

Many thanks to Axel Westrenius, as usual I am forwarding to the group for their comments. The scientometrics show that the ECE explanation is the most logical and self consistent, in the sense that it is consistent with explanations of essentially everything in the natural sciences and engineering, everything that is except humbug and quackery – ducks with many variables.”

It is very interesting to us that this theory is to be presented at a conference organised by Airbus. As we pointed out recently, a section-chief at Airbus has applied for a patent on a propellantless space-propulsion device that is contrary to Newton’s third law. It is not even original: it is the same old ‘eccentric rotor in a box’ idea which has featured in patent applications for nearly 100 years. Now, if such people are in positions of power in ‘high-tech companies’, that would explain why the companies throw money at pseudoscience. Who, we wonder, is the equivalent loony in NASA? We already know who the loony is at BAE Systems, and have a fair idea of the identity of the culprit at Boeing

Rich and Strange … Supporters

October 17, 2015

Publication of the Poster by Osamu Ide

October 17, 2015

Agreed, there has been a sea change of opinion in favour of energy form spacetime and low energy nuclear reactors. I look forward to seeing devices in every factory and home and huge savings in energy costs. These devices are experimental evidence for ECE unified field theory.”

There has been no ‘sea change’: this is still being pushed by the same old cranks who pushed cold fusion. Theory is worthless in the absence of experimental evidence, and the only ‘evidence’ is found by ‘true believers’. Curious real scientists would not be able to reproduce the results even if they wanted to try: too many of the details are kept hidden on the grounds of ‘commercial secrecy’. Hmm, that is the same excuse that was used by the conmen who stole an enormous amount of money from ELF in the ‘sniffer-plane’ scandal. And do not be impressed by interest from NASA and various universities. Something very similar happened in the 1950s with regard to Project Winterhaven and the search for antigravity (based upon the so-called Biefeld-Brown Effect; better known as Faraday’s electric wind).  There is never a ‘sea change’ in the lunatic fringe, they never stop looking for perpetual motion, antigravity and magical cancer-cures. They are never interested in science; only in the instant fame and wealth which success would bring. Meanwhile, real scientists go off and do ‘mundane’ things like spreading ‘boring’ old carbon into atom-thick layers. This earns them trifles such as a Nobel prize, a knighthood and fellowship of the Royal Society: all of the things that you pathetically dream of, Ron. Ron, the Darth Vader of science: turned to the dark side … and forgot to take the force (of genuine science) with him.  

You Say Tomato …

October 17, 2015

Book of Scientometrics Volume Two Updated to 16th October 2015

October 17, 2015

In the first two weeks of October the intense thirteen year plateau of high quality interest in ECE theory was sustained”

No Ron, a thirteen-year plateau indicates mere stasis. In other words, whatever random process it is, that produces hits on your websites, it reached a constant level years ago and does not change. Does that not run counter to your claims of ‘ever and upward’ progress? Why do only a few cranks contact you directly? Where are all of the plaudits from real scientists who have found your, er, ‘theory’ useful? Are they all ‘dogmatists’? That does not make sense: how can your, er, ‘theory’ be in the ascendancy … and yet have no followers willing to contact you? Give it up Ron, you are making a fool of yourself and a nonsense of the accolade of Civil List Scientist. 

Yawn, Here We Go Again

October 16, 2015

UFT88 Read at Case Western Reserve University

October 16, 2015

Case Western is a Big League University in Cleveland Ohio, currently ranked 230 in the world by Webometrics and 133 by Times Higher Education. It has 4661 undergraduates and 5664 post graduates. It was formed in 1967 from a merger of the Case Institute (founded 1881) and the Western Reserve University (founded 1826). Its motto is “Think Beyond the Possible”. ”

So? All of that is to their credit, not yours! It might point to the quality of your fans, but first you have to prove that they are fans. Hits on websites are not proof of support: we hate most of the sites that we click on!

“The Michelson Morley experiment was conducted in the dormitory basement in 1887 by Albert Michelson of Case and Edward Morley of Western Reserve. Michelson became the first American Nobel Laureate. ”

Yes, and has been repeated many times since, to greater and greater accuracy: it is now a standard undergraduate experiment. Crackpots always like to spread the lie that ‘critical experiments’ are carried out only once. They do this because (a) that means that they have to undermine only one result, and this is sufficient because (b) textbooks and encyclopedias always give the impression that the experiment was carried out only once. The history of science always sanitizes; one of the experimenters was in serious trouble with the police at about that time. They never mention that detail in textbooks and encyclopedias, do they?

“CWRU is associated with sixteen Nobel Laureates. UFT88 is a well known classic paper that refutes Einsteinian general relativity by refuting the second Bianchi identity of 1902 with torsion. “

What a pity then that it is never cited by anybody but your gang of crackpots. How do you manage that; how do you silence an institution like CWRU? Hey, look at that Ron: all that one has to do is put ‘M for Myron’ in the middle and one has the Welsh word for Wales. Do you think that that has some significance? We think that it has about as much significance as their supposed reading of your tripe.

“It has been read in essentially all the best universities in the world for a decade without any objection.”

And with no praise either. Have you heard of William of Ockham, Ron? He would have said that the far more likely interpretation is that your assumption, that web hits are significant, is wrong.  

“ECE theory bases special relativity on geometry and produces an entirely new general relativity. UFT88 has been developed into ECE2 theory (UFT313 – UFT320 and UFT322-UFT329) already being studied thousands of times a year.The Micheslon Morley experiment is not accepted these days by all scientists, neither is its refutation of the aether, to be replaced by special relativity. The latter is attributed in the propagandist media to Albert Einstein but originates in the work of George Francis Fitzgerald, my Civil List predecessor Oliver Heaviside and Henrik Anton Lorentz, Henri Poincare and many others prior to the important contributions of Einstein in about 1900 – 1905. Fitzgerald and Heaviside corresponded on an interpretation of the Michelson Morley experiment of 1887, when Einstein was eight years old. Lorentz produced his fundamentally important Lorentz transform based on ideas by Fitzgerald and Heaviside in the eighteen eighties and nineties.”

More incorrect schoolboy-level history. The truth is far more complicated. The ‘gamma factor’, for example, was first derived by Euler for a slightly different, but related, reason. Length contraction is not the hallmark of Einstein’s theory: the abandonment of simultaneity (absolute time) is. Einstein did not pursue his theory because of the failure of the MM experiment. He said that Faraday’s induction law was a greater stimulus (and Feynman agreed): why does a different mechanism have to be invoked, depending upon whether the coil or the magnet is deemed to be moving? Schools have to mention relativity because of the fame of Einstein, but having decided that relativity is of interest only to science fiction writers, they forget about it. In fact, electromagnetism has been called, “relativity at walking pace”. It is impossible to explain certain simple devices (such as the homopolar generator) properly without using special relativity. That is why there are so many loony electrical engineers around. If special relativity is not incorporated into the analysis, simplified models imply that the homopolar generator does not obey Newton’s third law. This is then very inviting to inventors of perpetual-motion and antigravity machines. It would all be so comical  … if it were not so sad.       

“Special and general relativity have evolved into ECE2 theory, now generally accepted as the avant garde physics of our times.”

It has not been accepted, or even cited, by anybody who counts. You are delusional.

Ron’s Telephone Problem

October 15, 2015

“Can you please repair the system at your earliest convenience? My telephone number is 01792 446088. Your online troubleshooting system states that there is still a technical problem which is still being worked on after more than four days, and that the exchange, about 1.5 miles away form here in Clydach, is working. Obviously I need to have both the broadband and landline telephone in full working order as per contract of about £32 a month.

Dr. M. W Evans, 50 Rhyddwen Road, Craig Cefn Parc, Swansea SA6 5RA.”

The thing is, Ron, that is not your telephone number. According to Google, it is the number of a doctor’s surgery in Uplands, Swansea. Now, how can you expect efficient service if you misinform the very people who are supposed to help?

New (Cow?)boy on the Block?

October 15, 2015

Comment on New paper by Carl-Oscar Gullström

October 15, 2015

I think that our ECE approach is much preferable and rigorously systematic, although there are some ideas in the Gullstrom paper that may be useful.”

Mr Gullstrom is only a physics student. It will be interesting to see how he fares. Will he see the error of his ways and become a cautious real scientist, or will he ‘do a Crothers’, argue with his supervisors, discontinue his PhD research and become a fully-fledged pseudoscientist?

Birds Not of a Feather

October 15, 2015

Field Free Approach and ECE Theory

October 15, 2015

Dear Dr Prytz,

Thank you for drawing my attention to your book. There might be interesting similarities between your theory and Einstein Cartan Evans unified field theory (ECE), which is described on, There are about 525 papers available in English and Spanish on ECE theory. The latter is a successful unified field theory based on Cartan geometry.”

Oh, Ron, have you fallen into the trap of thinking that every novel approach to physics is necessarily a crackpot one like your own? Prytz’s idea looks very similar to the retarded-potentials method of the late Oleg Jefimenko. Because, to the layman, Jefimenko looked like just another anti-Einstein crank such as yourself, he made a bit of extra money; his book was frequently to be found in the catalogs of loony-book vendors, thus opening up a whole new market. The fact that he had once published a paper about a motor with no apparent input did not harm his (false) reputation as a crackpot. The lunatic fringe should have perhaps taken notice of the fact that the motor paper had been published by the American Journal of Physics (for which Jefimenko acted as a referee). The AJP does not publish pseudoscience. Neither does Springer. So stop trying to cozy-up to real physicists!   

Names to Conjure With

October 15, 2015

UFT88 Read at the National Unioveristy of Colombia

October 15, 2015

Staff and students from the The National University of Colombia are very frequent visitors to and currently it has about fifty thousand students, established in 1867 in the capital Bogota. It is ranked 569 in the world by Webometrics.”

Bogota, eh? Still, nice to hear Colombia mentioned in a context other than drug-gangs and government corruption. Of course, we think that ‘dealing in ECE’ would be rather more reprehensible … if true.  

Needle Found in Haystack!

October 13, 2015

Working on UFT330

October 13, 2015

Thanks again, it is particularly encouraging to see from close monitoring of scientometrics that all the UFT papers are being studied all the time, often in the top twenty universities in the world. There is an infinite number of permutations of ideas possible now because there are 329 papers, books and so on, 329 variations on a theme of geometry. The AIAS / UPITEC research group is much more productive than the average, makes a far greater impact than the average, and several are able to produce original ECE work themselves. The new teaching method is also very effective, from school level to staff / postdoctoral level.”

After much searching, we have found an UFT which has been cited by someone other than the usual suspects,,5&hl=en

However, that author merely hoovered up a selection of unified-field papers. He did not use Ron’s results, or even discuss them. You had better have a word with Klapchenko, Ron, he does not seem to know the rules. As we all know, only AIAS Fellows are allowed to reference your loony UFT ‘papers’. Everybody else has to limit themselves merely to reading them online so as to boost the fatuous scientometrics. Here is an idea, Ron, why not let them cite the ‘papers’, as well as read them in secret?

Plus Ca Change

October 12, 2015

Density Functional Simulations of LENR

October 12, 2015

Many thanks to AIAS Director Douglas Lindstrom, the key problem is to explain why these reactions produce so much energy, and AIAS / UPITEC has shown that it comes from spacetime. Without the energy from spacetime such reactions would not occur. So the ECE2 vacuum potential should now be implemented in density functional simulations, or on a simpler level, using the methods of UFT226 ff in ECE theory. Those methods used quantum tunnelling, but conventional quantum tunnelling theory does not explain LENR. There has been a protracted debate of more than a quarter century on whether these data are reproducible and repeatable. That debate is settling down on the side of LENR, but is still going on, there are still arguments pro and con. In this situation transmutation theory can be applied as in UFT247 and UFT248, and in the earlier UFT226 – UFT231. I recall that Doug mentioned the interest of a colleague who has access to supercomputer time. So density functional code can be adapted to develop these UFT papers using supercomputer time. In my opinion LENR cannot be explained without energy from spacetime. This was proven theoretically in UFT226 – UFT231 and in UFT247 and UFT248.”

Here is another enthusiastic report.

But it serves only to reveal a distinct lack of progress since 2009. That is another Langmuir criterion for pseudoscience; it takes a long time to fade away. Why do they never ask themselves, “Hey, what happened to all that clear-cut evidence at the beginning, when one could actually feel the heat emanating from Pons & Fleischmann’s vats? Doesn’t scientific evidence get stronger with time … if it is genuine?”.  And do read the feedback at the end: it reveals just what sort of low-brows take a gullible interest in this tripe. 

How Conmen Work

October 11, 2015

Important LENR news

October 11, 2015

Good to hear from AIAS Fellow Dr Steve Bannister, assistant professor in the Department of Economics, University of Utah. I think that AIAS / UPITEC should study this carefully and also make the author aware of UFT 226 ff. on LENR. It is now possible to apply several new aspects of ECE and ECE2 to LENR, and I think that Douglas Lindstrom is keen on this. The evidence for LENR is overwhelming, and I think that ECE is a unified theory that gives the best explanation, in terms of energy from spacetime.”

… and in this we also include economists, of course. What causes the world’s great ‘bubbles’ and crashes? Unwise investments which economists are either unable to spot … or do not wish to block. Who had the bright idea of selling houses to ‘sub-prime’ people who could not really afford the mortgages? Who invented the magical trick of ‘separating the money from the risk’ by financial sleight-of-hand? OK, so that was probably accountants* … but they all work hand-in-glove against the general public. They call economics ‘the dismal science’. It is not: it is a dismal pseudoscience. And here we have a practitioner who has a second strike against him: he is a follower of the super-crank, Ron. And he comes with a sales spiel from notorious cold-fusion crackpots. The layman really has to get to grips with the idea that the possession of a doctorate does not guarantee scientific rectitude, and that ‘high-tech’ companies cannot be trusted to exhibit scientific caution. The layman often reasons that money cannot be made out of a scheme that cannot work, and that therefore financial investment is a sure sign of genuineness. Untrue. When the original cold fusion press conference was held there was a short sharp peak in the metals market. Anybody who knew about the announcement beforehand, and who also knew that the research was incompetent, could have made a fortune by buying metals options just before the announcement and selling when the frenzy was at its height (a situation predicted by Langmuir’s criteria for pseudoscience, by the way). Readers should study that attachment. They should look in particular at the ‘list of granted patents’. That is a favourite bit of ‘sleight-of-mouth’ by conmen. Yes, some of them have been granted. Others have simply been published (which is normal, no matter how ridiculous the idea). The first patent, by Rossi, has been granted. Hooray! But it is just a routine heating device (Boo!) and does not specify the heat source; details of course which Rossi will embellish in his news bulletins (Hooray!). The Mitsubishi patent hints vaguely at LENR (Hooray!), but has not been granted (Boo!). The Cravens patent has been granted, but promises only increased alpha-particle emission thus allowing it to slip past the examiners (Hooray!). By the way, Cravens was one of the ‘experts’ who inspected the Stanley Meyer ‘energy-from-water’ device and found it good. Meyer was later indicted for fraud … just before he was about to appear at the House of Lords! The Miley patent is for a gas-burner. It has been granted, but no clearly anomalous claims are made (Boo!). No doubt those claims will be imputed later by the likes of Bannister (Hooray!). The same pattern is found for the other patents: useless and ungranted or granted and unsurprising. This sort of thing is endemic in society … and can even kill. Remember the James McCormick who made £55M by selling golf-ball detectors to the military but calling them explosive detectors? His company is still worth £1.8M (and rising) and academic papers by ‘experts’ (published by IEEE!) were still failing to query his devices, even after his conviction. Bear this in mind, when you hear from experts who are offering easy solutions.  

*Note added, 14/10/15 It was discovered a few years ago that £80B of the UK’s income is fictitious. It is calculated on the basis of how much money could be earned by renting every house in the country. Get it? Every house!  The investigator won a prize for discovering that but, for some reason, the news never got into the popular press.  

Doing Our Bit

October 11, 2015

Illegal Parking Junction of Mountain and Rhyddwen Roads

October 11, 2015

To P. C. Davies,

This illegal parking continues unabated, on this junction and on other junctions. Number plates N55 PNC and S29 NRC, both of 65 Rhyddwen Road, continue to park opposite the junction in flagrant violation of the law.”

Better keep an eye on S29 NRC, Hercule; the tax runs out at the end of the month. And here is something for your ‘leetle grey cells’ to puzzle over: it was originally S29 NRB. Suspicious, eh?

Interesting Admission

October 9, 2015

Introduction to ECE Theory

October 9, 2015

Dear Dr George Plymale,

Dr. Douglas Lindstrom’s lecture slides are indeed an excellent introduction. I would also recommend UFT302, Laurence Felker’s book “The Evans Equations of Unified Field Theory”, translated into Spanish by Alex Hill. This is an intermediate level book on ECE up to about 2006. It is already an open source classic, published in softback by Abramis in 2007.”

Why are you having to explain yourself to Plymale? According to you, E(Crap)E is the ‘only game in town’; why has ‘Dr Plymale’ never heard of it, or you? Hey, that must mean that you are not even that famous in the lunatic fringe. Why have you promoted him to ‘Dr’? He has only a first degree … in computer science. He is obviously a crank, and not only because he has contacted you. He believes the etheric ramblings of a religious cult, not to mention your perpetual-motion friends. He is also part of a scam which involves warning people about solar flares. Like you, he is pretty high up in his organisation. That is because, like you, he is the organisation. So, even if he ever cites the Felker book, it will still have found no success among non-crackpots.

Facts over Fame

October 7, 2015

Watson’s Nobel Prize Medal sells for Three Million Pounds

October 7, 2015

This medal was bought by Alisher Usmanov in an anonymous telephone bid and he gave it back to Watson, aged 86. The latter has been ostracized for his scientific views for about seven years, and he plans to donate a lot of the money to charity. Usmanov stated that it is unacceptable that a distinguished scientist be forced to sell his Nobel Prize Medal. Ostracization is an unfortunate fact of the scientific world, and is fuelled by dogma. Einstein was effectively ostracized for many years for opposing Copenhagen. These days wikipedia is used to try to brand and ostracize scientists, and in the case of ECE has been blown away.”

One of the worst aspects of science education at all levels is that one is taught to think in terms of fame and not facts; simply because that is easier for the tyro. Einstein, for instance, is a household name but few households can really explain why. But the sad fact is that scientists are human and very much a ‘lucky dip’ when it comes to their overall behavior. There exist professors of botany, for instance, who are ardent creationists and it is easy to forget that their academic standing is predicated on the acceptance of experimental fact; not pernicious myth. There is also the aging problem. Famous scientists may develop dementia; should one still believe what they claim (if the evidence has not changed)? Eddington, for example, went peculiar in later life and thought that he could explain the entire universe using numerology. Dingle and Essen, once leading UK relativity experts, turned against it (with no new evidence) in old age. The double Nobel prize-winner, Linus Pauling, went overboard with his Vitamin C claims. More disturbingly, he tried to use his fame as a crystallographer to browbeat a young scientist into withdrawing his evidence for the existence of quasicrystals. First, Pauling said that it was merely misinterpreted twinning (one twin). In order to defend his untenable stand he eventually ended up with the postulation of thousands of twins! It was acutely embarrassing. Pauling ended up by being lauded as a heretic (together with other nutters such as Laithwaite and Sheldrake) in the BBC series of the same name. The guy who discovered quasicrystals? He recently received a Nobel prize for that work. The point is, if Watson has been making claims that are unsupported by fact, he should lose his medal; just as a drunk driver should lose his licence … no matter how good his previous driving record was. Do you see where this is going, Ron?

A Note from a Fan

October 7, 2015

Complete Title Keywords

October 7, 2015

I checked that these do not automatically place a paper as number one first page of Google, but every single ECE paper is always high up on the first page or leading two or three pages of Google. So complete title keywords are a meaningful assessment.”

So, Ron, you do read our blog! But knowing your sloppy approach to experimentation and fact-checking, we must ask exactly how you checked that? Did you use a different search engine? Did you use an independent computer? Did you finally figure out how to turn off Google’s pre-emptive form-filling? The fact remains that we do not find the same ‘success’ that you do; at least, not the first time. Of course, after a while, Google catches up. Every time that we type “myron evans” into Google, it comes up with ‘crackpot’ appended to it.  

Google-Eyed with Success

October 6, 2015

The Classic UFT88 – The Bianchi Identity of Differential Geometry

October 6, 2015

By googling Bianchi identity this is found as site nine on the first page of google out of 242,000 results. The complete title puts it in pole position, site one, page one. I am having a lot of fun looking at immensely pleasing results like these, an instance of Thomas Jefferson’s “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.”

Could one of the ‘Fellows’ please have a quiet word with Ron and explain to him – in words of one syllable – that this ‘success’ is due entirely to Google being helpful. The ‘success’ will evaporate if he uses a different search engine or a different computer. Much as we enjoy the spectacle of Ron digging his own academic grave with his mouth and mouse, we do not want him to get off on an insanity plea. 

A Curator’s Egg?

October 6, 2015

Meeting in the National Library of Wales

October 6, 2015

OK many thanks! I will start to prepare for a meeting. It may be possible to talk with the NLW staff again at the meeting. Any AIAS Fellow within range is welcome course. Many people feel that the source documents should be on loan to the NLW because the collected papers of my Civil List predecessor Vernon Watkins are there and because they are making such a huge impact. The staff of Hugh Owen helped me collect the Omnia Opera so I can talk about a loan to them before the meeting.”

Oh, we do so hope that this comes to pass, especially if the loaned documents include the loony ones. What better proof could there be of the dumbing-down of British society than the acceptance of pseudoscientific work by a national library. Yes, we are quite keen to get Ron noticed because, the bigger he gets, the harder he will fall. 

Found in Translation

October 5, 2015

Complete Change of Attitude to Energy from Spacetime

October 5, 2015

This is now mainstream physics, Prof. Osamu Ide is about to give a paper on the topic (see UFT311 and UFT321) to a Royal Society of Chemistry meeting in Tsukuba University and LENR has been mainstream for some time.”

Oh, he is a professor now, is he? Where is his chair? The last time that we checked, he had only his own bogus research organisation … just as you do. Will he be pulling his usual trick of telling the conference something ambiguous but harmless, and then telling everyone else that he lectured on ‘over-unity’? Of course he will. LENR will never get anywhere, for the same reason that cold fusion failed: nobody but its proponents can ever find any evidence for it. Of course it will go on anyway … just as ufology does.

“Ten years ago I was subjected to a campaign of insane defamation as soon as I received the coveted award of a Civil List Pension. This campaign has now been reduced to ineffective trolling, a criminal activity. ”

Some people just have no stamina. Your award is an affront to the reputation of British science and to all of the previous pensioners. That is a matter of fact … and free speech. On the other hand, seeking investment in devices which cannot do what they promise is a criminal activity. Remind your friends Searl and Hill of that. And don’t forget that providing bogus theoretical support makes you an accessory before the fact.

“If ever a subject deserved a Nobel Prize it is the quest for and discovery of new energy. It would come under the categories of physics, chemistry, economics and peace prizes. Alfred Nobel stipulated that the prize must be awarded for discoveries of clear use to humankind, for example the inventions of Marconi won a Nobel Prize.”

We are sure that, when hot-fusion finally produces a nett output, all of those concerned will indeed be rewarded. The names of those who push cold-fusion etc., will eventually be as universally derided as that of Garabed Giragossian. And, as in his case, people will say, how could certain authorities have been so stupid as to support him? After all, the correct physics was already well known. Why, by the way, did Marconi get a Nobel prize? He certainly did not invent radio. Why did the inventor of the Aga stove get a Nobel? Even his gas-powered buoy was not exactly world-shattering.

“Dark matter and the Higgs boson are products of useless pseudo science, of no use to engineering or humankind. ”

Well, there speaks a true philistine. It reminds us of the American senator who once asked what use such things were to the defence of America. The reply was that ‘such research makes America worth defending’. 

“They are harmful to Baconian science. In order for a Nobel Prize to be awarded for B(3) and ECE, as very many think ought to be the case, it must be clearly demonstrated that the campaign of defamation has washed itself out with the tide. ”

You are harmful to Baconian principles; you singularly fail to follow them. You force dubious theory to fit existing data and perform no experiments to seek confirmatory evidence, you fail to consider alternative explanations, etc., etc. As for adverse comment diminishing … you ain’t seen nuttin yet.

“Some of the keyword experiments today provide overwhelming evidence of the phenomenal impact of the new ECE / ECE2 theory. Physics must be judged objectively, not by primitive mediaeval bias.”

Your ‘keyword experiments’ are as misguided as your useless theories. Your ‘physics’ will be judged objectively. In fact, we are going to get ‘mediaeval on your ass ertions’! 

Tiresome-Party Conference

October 5, 2015

Meeting in the National Library of Wales

October 5, 2015

I would like to convene a meeting in the NLW in view of the great popularity of ECE theory, and to discuss ways forward. I would also like to discuss a loan of my papers to a library in Aberystwyth or the Swansea valley, for example Ystradgynlais or Pontardawe. Another possibility would be the Miners’ Library started by my late colleague and friend, Harry Jones Pont Nedd Fechan, a coal miner himself, and sometime Member of the Council of Wales. Gareth Evans, Kerry Pendergast and I could discuss the matter of a loan with the National Library of Wales.”

Well don’t forget to warn the NLW; they will have to free up their largest meeting space, hire extra security staff and liase with the police with regard to crowd control and street closure. That is, if you were as famous and popular as your delusions tell you. We are thinking: cafeteria table for four, closest to the toilets.

Ditto Again

October 5, 2015

Scientometrics Hugely Popular

October 5, 2015

The google keyword analysis can be used as follows:
1) Collected Scientometrics: first seven sites of page one of Google out of 179,000 results.
2) Evans Scientometrics: first five sites of page one out of 74.400 results.
3) Unified Field Theory Scientometrics: similar pattern

My book “Collected Scientometrics” was published this year by New Generation Publishing of London and is available open source on in the filtered statistics section and UFT307.”

Thank Google again. Try another search engine. If they are so successful, come come the book has attracted only one highly negative review on Amazon, plus comments which support that opinion? As one can say exactly the same about Penderghastly’s biography, your way of looking at things is clearly distorted and dishonest … just like everything else about you. 


October 5, 2015

Google Keywords Barddoniaeth Myron Evans

October 5, 2015

These produce the first nineteen sites on google, followed by a site on Barddoniaeth Dafydd ap Gwilym, followed by a large number of entries on my various books, then it starts to produce work by other bards and poets, of whom there are many of outstanding calibre. I have a unique given name, “Myron” which is classical Greek in origin from Miron of Eleutherae so this may help explain this result. My book “Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry” (New Generation, London, 2015) is already read in over a hundred countries, so there are sites for example from Italy, Japan and Poland. So the Welsh or British Celtic language is respected throughout the world as a classical language such as Greek and Latin. An all out effort must be made to save it from extinction as a spoken language. Only a skinhead would disagree.”

No, it is Google’s helpful software which is doing that. A real scientist would be more cautious in drawing conclusions. 

Computer Illiterate

October 5, 2015

Experimenting with Google Keywords for UFT25

October 5, 2015

The enormous readership of this paper is reflected in some experiments with google keywords that anyone can carry out. For example, the following keywords were used without inverted comma’s, with the given results. Similar results will be obtained for any one of over five hundred UFT papers now available in English and Spanish. So ECE / ECE2 is the new avant garde physics beyond reasonable doubt.”

Now go to a public library and try the same searches on their computers. Can you not understand that your apparent ‘success’ is due entirely to your computer tailoring the search results to suit your particular idiom? 

Vivat Langmuir

October 4, 2015

A very good state of LENR presentation

October 4, 2015

Very interesting, in a sense this is conclusive evidence for ECE and ECE2, whose latest methods in UFT313 ff) can be used by the group to develop UFT226 ff. The energy for LENR comes from spacetime.”

Nah, this is just the same tired old rubbish from the same old suspects. How many times have we pointed out that electrical engineers are decidedly flaky? Leading figures in IEEE have often been mixed up with perpetual-motion schemes; not to mention ‘research into the paranormal’. Connections with NASA and the US Navy do not make LENR look good; they make NASA and the US Navy look very very incompetent. Why Langmuir? Because he formulated rules for spotting crackpots (long before Baez), and one of those rules was that initially spectacular results would get weaker and weaker with time. That is what happened with cold fusion. Pons & Fleischmann were originally photographed against a background of steaming electrolytic cells. Experimenters ended up with ‘evidence’ at the very limits of detection. If only Senator Proxmire were still around; he would stop any official backing of this sort of nonsense dead in its tracks.   

Example of Scholar Googling

October 4, 2015

Example of Googling

October 4, 2015

Take the number one paper in the first two days of October 2015, UFT170 in Spanish translation, and use keywords Poynting Theorem for Vacuum, without enclosing the words in inverted commas. The result is that the paper appears as number three of 129,000 results and also at number ten, (foot of front page of Google), one of my long reviews (or short monographs if you like) in the acclaimed “Modern Nonlinear Optics” appears (M. W. Evans and S. Kielich, Eds., “Modern Nonlinear Optics” (Wiley Interscience, New York, 1992, 1993, 1997, 2001 in two editions and six volumes hardback, softback and e book). Now enclose the keywords in inverted commas, i.e “Poynting Theorem for Vacuum” and essentially the same results appear, now number 3 and 9 out of 129,000. This is what it is all about – and to a scholar all this is immensely pleasing.”

Search for “Poynting Theorem for Vacuum” using Google Scholar … and nothing at all comes up. That is indeed ‘what it is all about’: the fact that nobody who matters takes the slightest interest in your rubbish ‘work’.

Bad News, Ron

October 3, 2015

We are very sorry to announce that, in spite of our many nominations and our constant lobbying, you have failed to win the 2015 Ig Nobel Prize for Physics.

Better luck next time. We are rooting for you! One day, you will finally join such luminaries as Louis Kevran (LENR), Robert Matthews (journalistic pusher of antigravity), John O’Mara Bockris (cold fusion) and Deepak Chopra (quantum mysticism). On the other hand, the Ig Nobel Prize committee has lost its way in recent years and has been awarding prizes for quaint, rather than dishonest, science.  

In Praise of Philistinism

October 2, 2015

New Poetry Pdf Version

October 2, 2015

This is the pdf version being posted on the blog.


We do not like that sort of poetry. We lump it together with Pollock-style painting and with pseudoscience. Poets of that ilk cannot be bothered to make it rhyme, painters of that ilk cannot be bothered to learn to paint and pseudoscientists do not learn the rules of good scientific practice. On the other hand, we like this poem,

A home transformed by the lightning
the balanced alcoves smother
this insatiable earth of a planet, Earth.
They attacked it with mechanical horns
because they love you, love, in fire and wind.
You say, what is the time waiting for in its spring?
I tell you it is waiting for your branch that flows,
because you are a sweet-smelling diamond architecture
that does not know why it grows.

It is rather in the style of Ron’s poem, don’t you agree? So why do we prefer it to Ron’s poetasting? It is because the author has a good excuse for his mere slathering of emotive keywords. Is he perhaps autistic? No, ‘he’ is a xinoyrwe*. So, if you found that poem at all moving or meaningful, it gives the lie to any belief that poetry is some sort of higher aspiration of the human mind. It clearly is not, if the reader is fooled. 

*To decode, press the key to the right of each letter on your keyboard.