Booby Prize

My Nominations for the Nobel Prize

October 1, 2015

These are recorded in “Marquis Who’s Who” (attached proof of 2016 edition) and are described in various postings on this blog, notably of 29/5/15 and 7/6/09.”

Marquis is a vanity publication that makes no effort at all to check the information provided. The petty-thief and confidence-trickster, John Searl, has told them all sorts of nonsense; some of it self-evidently untrue. Many members of the Natural Philosophy Alliance (aka Crackpot Central) are in Marquis. Most people take it ‘as read’ these days that the ‘celebrities’ in Marquis  are self-important, self-satisfied and self-serving nonentities or has-beens.

“Richard Amoroso, Chair of various Vigier Symposia, mentioned that a member of the Royal Swedish Academy had indicated that I should win the Nobel Prize. ”

Who could ever forget his papers on, “The Ontological Origins of Sexual Preference” or “The Secret Clairvoyant Mind Of Cats Revealed: Report Of A Case”?  Don’t forget that he is also a ‘professor’ at the Noetic Institute, in the same way that you (plus everybody and his dog) is a ‘professor’ at AIAS. That is: not at all. Could that member of the Royal Swedish Academy be the very same idiot who recommended you for a Civil List Pension? 

“Amoroso interpreted this to mean enough nominations had come in by about the mid nineties. The nominations are looked at by the Nobel Prize committee and then sent to the Academy for a vote. This procedure is in the public domain. It is very complicated, and a lot of luck is needed to actually get a prize. ”

It is also known that they have a file where they lovingly deposit, and forget, all of the loony letters that arrive. It is routine, in the lunatic fringe, for one loon to propose a friend for a prize. That friend can then quite honestly say that he has been nominated. 

“The example always cited is of course Sommerfeld, who was nominated over eighty times without ever being awarded a prize. ”

But you have not actually done anything of note. Our ongoing analysis of the Opera Omnia reveals that it is voluminous, but mundane work and little-cited. As for ECE and the remainder of the rubbish, nobody cites it at all. So whence this peculiar belief that you qualify for a Nobel Prize? Cranks have been known to possess a Nobel Prize, but they usually become crackpots after receiving it. One thinks here of course of Linus Pauling and his silly Vitamin-C obsession, or of his rather more despicable antics when trying to deny the existence of quasicrystals. The young scientist whom Pauling had been trying to browbeat recently received a Nobel  … for discovering quasicrystals. 

“Several of his students such as Heisenberg and Pauli won Nobel prizes and several of his post docs, such as Debye and Pauling. After fifty years, the nominations are made public. So my nominations might be made public in about 2045, when I would be 95 if I were still around. It is well known that I have been subjected to many personal attacks because I am a radical and original thinker, but those have had no effect as I can see from the scientometrics. This year I have been nominated for three Wolf Prizes, and in the case of the Wolf Prize the nominations are in the public domain. The Wolf Prize is second to the Nobel Prize in prestige. The assessment of my life work is a huge task, because there are well over a thousand papers and books in many areas of chem, phys, maths. However the scientometrics, which are very accurate, clearly indicate a huge impact, which is also known to be very steady and permanent.”

Your arrogant behavior has been subject to attack, particularly because of your undeserved enjoyment of  a Civil List Pension; the money is irrelevant, it is the insult to previous pensioners which is unforgivable. You are not a radical and original thinker: you are a crackpot and exhibit all of the traits of a crackpot (paranoia, anti-Einstein obsession, and a concentration on perpetual-motion, antigravity and pseudoscientific cancer-cures). Even if you had done anything worthy of a Wolf Prize, you would have ruled yourself out because the people behind that prize are not keen on those who consort with anti-semites such as Rancid. 


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