Vivat Langmuir

A very good state of LENR presentation

October 4, 2015

Very interesting, in a sense this is conclusive evidence for ECE and ECE2, whose latest methods in UFT313 ff) can be used by the group to develop UFT226 ff. The energy for LENR comes from spacetime.”

Nah, this is just the same tired old rubbish from the same old suspects. How many times have we pointed out that electrical engineers are decidedly flaky? Leading figures in IEEE have often been mixed up with perpetual-motion schemes; not to mention ‘research into the paranormal’. Connections with NASA and the US Navy do not make LENR look good; they make NASA and the US Navy look very very incompetent. Why Langmuir? Because he formulated rules for spotting crackpots (long before Baez), and one of those rules was that initially spectacular results would get weaker and weaker with time. That is what happened with cold fusion. Pons & Fleischmann were originally photographed against a background of steaming electrolytic cells. Experimenters ended up with ‘evidence’ at the very limits of detection. If only Senator Proxmire were still around; he would stop any official backing of this sort of nonsense dead in its tracks.   

2 Responses to “Vivat Langmuir”

  1. Billy Bones Bristol Says:

    Apologies – out of the general line of this discussion :- Quote Moron:-
    “Hoisted the Banner of Owain Glyndw^r”
    Yes Moron – noticeably behind your dank upstairs bedroom curtains in your two up two down tiny cottage you call a University!

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