Ditto Again

Scientometrics Hugely Popular

October 5, 2015

The google keyword analysis can be used as follows:
1) Collected Scientometrics: first seven sites of page one of Google out of 179,000 results.
2) Evans Scientometrics: first five sites of page one out of 74.400 results.
3) Unified Field Theory Scientometrics: similar pattern

My book “Collected Scientometrics” was published this year by New Generation Publishing of London and is available open source on http://www.aias.us in the filtered statistics section and UFT307.”

Thank Google again. Try another search engine. If they are so successful, come come the book has attracted only one highly negative review on Amazon, plus comments which support that opinion? As one can say exactly the same about Penderghastly’s biography, your way of looking at things is clearly distorted and dishonest … just like everything else about you. 


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