Google Keywords Barddoniaeth Myron Evans

October 5, 2015

These produce the first nineteen sites on google, followed by a site on Barddoniaeth Dafydd ap Gwilym, followed by a large number of entries on my various books, then it starts to produce work by other bards and poets, of whom there are many of outstanding calibre. I have a unique given name, “Myron” which is classical Greek in origin from Miron of Eleutherae so this may help explain this result. My book “Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry” (New Generation, London, 2015) is already read in over a hundred countries, so there are sites for example from Italy, Japan and Poland. So the Welsh or British Celtic language is respected throughout the world as a classical language such as Greek and Latin. An all out effort must be made to save it from extinction as a spoken language. Only a skinhead would disagree.”

No, it is Google’s helpful software which is doing that. A real scientist would be more cautious in drawing conclusions. 


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