A Curator’s Egg?

Meeting in the National Library of Wales

October 6, 2015

OK many thanks! I will start to prepare for a meeting. It may be possible to talk with the NLW staff again at the meeting. Any AIAS Fellow within range is welcome course. Many people feel that the source documents should be on loan to the NLW because the collected papers of my Civil List predecessor Vernon Watkins are there and because they are making such a huge impact. The staff of Hugh Owen helped me collect the Omnia Opera so I can talk about a loan to them before the meeting.”

Oh, we do so hope that this comes to pass, especially if the loaned documents include the loony ones. What better proof could there be of the dumbing-down of British society than the acceptance of pseudoscientific work by a national library. Yes, we are quite keen to get Ron noticed because, the bigger he gets, the harder he will fall. 


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