A Note from a Fan

Complete Title Keywords

October 7, 2015

I checked that these do not automatically place a paper as number one first page of Google, but every single ECE paper is always high up on the first page or leading two or three pages of Google. So complete title keywords are a meaningful assessment.”

So, Ron, you do read our blog! But knowing your sloppy approach to experimentation and fact-checking, we must ask exactly how you checked that? Did you use a different search engine? Did you use an independent computer? Did you finally figure out how to turn off Google’s pre-emptive form-filling? The fact remains that we do not find the same ‘success’ that you do; at least, not the first time. Of course, after a while, Google catches up. Every time that we type “myron evans” into Google, it comes up with ‘crackpot’ appended to it.  


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