Interesting Admission

Introduction to ECE Theory

October 9, 2015

Dear Dr George Plymale,

Dr. Douglas Lindstrom’s lecture slides are indeed an excellent introduction. I would also recommend UFT302, Laurence Felker’s book “The Evans Equations of Unified Field Theory”, translated into Spanish by Alex Hill. This is an intermediate level book on ECE up to about 2006. It is already an open source classic, published in softback by Abramis in 2007.”

Why are you having to explain yourself to Plymale? According to you, E(Crap)E is the ‘only game in town’; why has ‘Dr Plymale’ never heard of it, or you? Hey, that must mean that you are not even that famous in the lunatic fringe. Why have you promoted him to ‘Dr’? He has only a first degree … in computer science. He is obviously a crank, and not only because he has contacted you. He believes the etheric ramblings of a religious cult, not to mention your perpetual-motion friends. He is also part of a scam which involves warning people about solar flares. Like you, he is pretty high up in his organisation. That is because, like you, he is the organisation. So, even if he ever cites the Felker book, it will still have found no success among non-crackpots.


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