Plus Ca Change

Density Functional Simulations of LENR

October 12, 2015

Many thanks to AIAS Director Douglas Lindstrom, the key problem is to explain why these reactions produce so much energy, and AIAS / UPITEC has shown that it comes from spacetime. Without the energy from spacetime such reactions would not occur. So the ECE2 vacuum potential should now be implemented in density functional simulations, or on a simpler level, using the methods of UFT226 ff in ECE theory. Those methods used quantum tunnelling, but conventional quantum tunnelling theory does not explain LENR. There has been a protracted debate of more than a quarter century on whether these data are reproducible and repeatable. That debate is settling down on the side of LENR, but is still going on, there are still arguments pro and con. In this situation transmutation theory can be applied as in UFT247 and UFT248, and in the earlier UFT226 – UFT231. I recall that Doug mentioned the interest of a colleague who has access to supercomputer time. So density functional code can be adapted to develop these UFT papers using supercomputer time. In my opinion LENR cannot be explained without energy from spacetime. This was proven theoretically in UFT226 – UFT231 and in UFT247 and UFT248.”

Here is another enthusiastic report.

But it serves only to reveal a distinct lack of progress since 2009. That is another Langmuir criterion for pseudoscience; it takes a long time to fade away. Why do they never ask themselves, “Hey, what happened to all that clear-cut evidence at the beginning, when one could actually feel the heat emanating from Pons & Fleischmann’s vats? Doesn’t scientific evidence get stronger with time … if it is genuine?”.  And do read the feedback at the end: it reveals just what sort of low-brows take a gullible interest in this tripe. 

2 Responses to “Plus Ca Change”

  1. tyy Says:

    P&F are easily replicated: just fuck-up like they did.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      Even the great chemist Paneth made mistakes. In fact, it was an unexpected phenomenon (the synergistic effect of hydrogen upon helium diffusion through glass) which originally fooled him into thinking that low-temperature transmutation had occurred in this sort of system. He dropped the idea forthwith. His vision was not obscured by dollar-signs.

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