Birds Not of a Feather

Field Free Approach and ECE Theory

October 15, 2015

Dear Dr Prytz,

Thank you for drawing my attention to your book. There might be interesting similarities between your theory and Einstein Cartan Evans unified field theory (ECE), which is described on, There are about 525 papers available in English and Spanish on ECE theory. The latter is a successful unified field theory based on Cartan geometry.”

Oh, Ron, have you fallen into the trap of thinking that every novel approach to physics is necessarily a crackpot one like your own? Prytz’s idea looks very similar to the retarded-potentials method of the late Oleg Jefimenko. Because, to the layman, Jefimenko looked like just another anti-Einstein crank such as yourself, he made a bit of extra money; his book was frequently to be found in the catalogs of loony-book vendors, thus opening up a whole new market. The fact that he had once published a paper about a motor with no apparent input did not harm his (false) reputation as a crackpot. The lunatic fringe should have perhaps taken notice of the fact that the motor paper had been published by the American Journal of Physics (for which Jefimenko acted as a referee). The AJP does not publish pseudoscience. Neither does Springer. So stop trying to cozy-up to real physicists!   


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