Rich and Strange … Supporters

Publication of the Poster by Osamu Ide

October 17, 2015

Agreed, there has been a sea change of opinion in favour of energy form spacetime and low energy nuclear reactors. I look forward to seeing devices in every factory and home and huge savings in energy costs. These devices are experimental evidence for ECE unified field theory.”

There has been no ‘sea change’: this is still being pushed by the same old cranks who pushed cold fusion. Theory is worthless in the absence of experimental evidence, and the only ‘evidence’ is found by ‘true believers’. Curious real scientists would not be able to reproduce the results even if they wanted to try: too many of the details are kept hidden on the grounds of ‘commercial secrecy’. Hmm, that is the same excuse that was used by the conmen who stole an enormous amount of money from ELF in the ‘sniffer-plane’ scandal. And do not be impressed by interest from NASA and various universities. Something very similar happened in the 1950s with regard to Project Winterhaven and the search for antigravity (based upon the so-called Biefeld-Brown Effect; better known as Faraday’s electric wind).  There is never a ‘sea change’ in the lunatic fringe, they never stop looking for perpetual motion, antigravity and magical cancer-cures. They are never interested in science; only in the instant fame and wealth which success would bring. Meanwhile, real scientists go off and do ‘mundane’ things like spreading ‘boring’ old carbon into atom-thick layers. This earns them trifles such as a Nobel prize, a knighthood and fellowship of the Royal Society: all of the things that you pathetically dream of, Ron. Ron, the Darth Vader of science: turned to the dark side … and forgot to take the force (of genuine science) with him.  


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