Tiresome Little Clowns

Criticisms of Kirchhoff’s Law of Thermal Emission

October 17, 2015

Robitaille and Crothers are very likely to be right, because they are careful scholars and avant garde thinkers. In the Evans Morris papers many flaws in the Planck development were uncovered. These papers are very popular around the world. So there is a pattern emerging: the self proclaimed vessels of wisdom (standard physics crowd) are leaking badly.”

So how come they have to present their ideas in the pseudoscientific journal, Progress in Physics, and have to use vixra rather than arXiv? It is a very bad sign that the lunatic fringe is able to seize the best journal-titles. Journal of Nuclear Physics sounds very solid and reliable, but is just another Rossi tool. And Journal of Meteorology was, for many years, under the control of second-hand car-dealer Terence Meaden: one of the crop-circle clowns (he has no qualifications in meteorology and the ‘journal’ is really just a fanzine). 

2 Responses to “Tiresome Little Clowns”

  1. Cadwgan Man Says:

    Who is Osamu Ide? He seems to be Moron’s latest quack. I found this concerning him
    What says you Crackpotwatch? Do you sniff another quack?

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      We have already made some comments about him; use the search facility on our blog. He seems to be just yet another electrical engineer who does not understand basic RLC circuits. It is very easy to spot loons: if someone claims to have circumvented one of the conservation laws, then he is a crackpot. It does not matter whether he makes that claim from his student bed-sit or from the boardroom at NASA. There is of course always the possibility he has found a new phenomenon, but given that there has been no fundamentally new discovery in physics for nearly 100 years, and as cranks always re-hash the same old non-starters, what are the odds? There is however money to be made from pseudoscience. Conmen like Bedini, and Ron’s friend ‘Dr’ Bearden, can live off the sales of books and plans concerning perpetual-motion machines and bask in the admiration of their idiot fans as the guest of honor at loony conferences. One crackpot has admitted that big companies have backed him financially. Why? Because a sure-fire losing project can be put down as R&D on the balance sheet, and eventually earns a disproportionate tax write-off. Do we hear the strains of ‘Springtime for Hitler’ in the background?

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