What Sort of Swede is That?

Swedish Scientists Publish Paper Claiming “Ponderomotive Forces” Explain…

October 17, 2015

Many thanks to Axel Westrenius, as usual I am forwarding to the group for their comments. The scientometrics show that the ECE explanation is the most logical and self consistent, in the sense that it is consistent with explanations of essentially everything in the natural sciences and engineering, everything that is except humbug and quackery – ducks with many variables.”

It is very interesting to us that this theory is to be presented at a conference organised by Airbus. As we pointed out recently, a section-chief at Airbus has applied for a patent on a propellantless space-propulsion device that is contrary to Newton’s third law. It is not even original: it is the same old ‘eccentric rotor in a box’ idea which has featured in patent applications for nearly 100 years. Now, if such people are in positions of power in ‘high-tech companies’, that would explain why the companies throw money at pseudoscience. Who, we wonder, is the equivalent loony in NASA? We already know who the loony is at BAE Systems, and have a fair idea of the identity of the culprit at Boeing


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