E Tuttavia Non Si Muove

Our websites versus Wikipedia

October 18, 2015

We often out impact wikipedia on any given topic. The latter is regarded as non scientific when it comes to ECE, and its childish libel concerning myself is well known and of course rejected. I had it removed but there are still some obnoxious and smelly caches left, rotting in the dustbins of science history. Its description of ECE is regarded as easily refuted distortion of Cartan geometry and has been ignored for years. It is already clear that ECE will last for as long as physics lasts. There appears to be only one troll left on wiki, who uses wikipedia to libel AIAS Fellows, ranting to himself on his own, an archetypical crank. It is clear from the analyses sent over today that ECE is here to stay. readers, particularly students, are encouraged to try to apply it to any given problem.”

Oh give it up, Ron. It is clear to any rational person that all of your ‘success’ is a delusion. Why not try comparing yourself with your friend Searl. He has more websites than you have and they have far higher ratings, he has several companies (yours folded), he has given more interviews than you have, he has appeared at more loony conferences than you have, he is mentioned (somewhat worryingly) at AIAA conferences and – above all – there are hundreds of YouTube videos about him. You have just a few, thanks to Fucilla, and hardly anyone looks at them. And  … none of Searl’s claims have ever been refuted in a scientific journal. That is because even bothering to do so would make the author look stupid  … for wasting time. The same principle now applies to you.  You should not court fame. That would draw attention to the embarrassing situation of a crackpot receiving a Civil-List pension. That would attract a lot of mail from real scientists, but it would not be complimentary. Perhaps you will soon have (in)fame thrust upon you!


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