Galna Människor i Arbete

Discussion of Swedish Paper on LENR

October 18, 2015

Many thanks to Horst Eckardt for reading through this paper. Longitudinal resonance has been well worked out in the Eckardt / Lindstrom papers UFT291 – UFT299 and could indeed be applied to LENR. It seems to me that the absence of neutron production indicates energy from spacetime via resonance as suggested here by Horst, a development of spin connection resonance theory.”

The equation which Ron calls the Euler-Bernoulli equation is one of the simplest used in mathematical physics. It is also ubiquitous and can be used to treat everything from car suspensions to ‘rocking boulders’ in US National Parks. In the particular context of crackpots, it can also explain why spinning eccentric wheels within hermetically sealed boxes can propel the box across ice and why Laithwaite’s balance appeared to register a loss of weight when a spinning wheel was weighed. With a little modification, the equation also treats the basic RLC circuit in electrical engineering. Although it is a simple equation, it can yield unphysical results in the hands of the incompetent: you know, the sort of person who lets his computer do his thinking for him. Real scientists use such unphysical results as a warning that they have made a mistake. Pseudoscientists put the rubbish result on their blog … or sneak into a conference and present it in the lobby.  

“It is also interesting to hear that the Muenich group has started LENR experiments of its own.”

That is worrying: keep away from Kafkastrasse if Siemens Stain is going to be playing around with hydrogen in his flat. Hydrogen has a much wider explosive range than does petrol vapor. And from where are they going to get the platinum? Is Siemens Stain going to ‘borrow some from work’ or get it from his bank deposit-box (Germans like to hoard gold bars and Krugers, but some branch out into platinum). If ‘the Muenchen Gruppe’ think that they can get away with experimenting on nickel, they should think again: 6N-purity nickel is also very expensive and the use of cheaper grades would undermine the scientific worth of their ‘research’ LOL. 

“Further developments of spin connection resonance are possible with the ECE2 papers, UFT313 – 320, and UFT322 – 329, already being read thousands of times a year. ”

… but never cited by non-cranks

“By now all the spin connection resonance papers are classics, all having been read tens to hundreds of thousands of times, all coming up on the first page of Google.”

They come up first only on your computer. Why can you not understand that?

“The quality of the readership is the highest possible. We know this for a mountain of detailed scientometrics. ”

Well, only after weeding out the 98% which is, by your own admission, dross. Now, if the quality 2% are avidly seeking out your UFT (Useless Fatuous Tripe) papers for enlightenment, why are the remainder visiting your websites? How can you prove that you are measuring anything more than ‘noise’?  

“They should be updated with UFT292 – UFT299 and the ECE2 papers, plus the circuit papers UFT311 and UFT321. UFT311 is exact confirmation of the existence of the spin connection using the Osamu Ide circuit. Osamu Ide has just presented a poster on it at an RSC conference. So things have advanced rapidly.”

Do you know how poster-sessions work, Ron? The presenters who stand in the lobby are about as well respected as the activists who hang around outside of Party Conferences.  

“Ten years ago I was being attacked as a newly crackpotted Civil List Pensioner advocating perpetual motion, and of course the attacks on LENR in its early stages were personal and unscientific in the same way. ”

You are a crackpot, and we shall never stop pointing this out. We hear that a forthcoming book on the subject of crackpot academics devotes a chapter to you. That will be interesting: what will happen when the sort of people whom you claim to be your followers actually find out about you? All of that archiving which you like to do will rebound on you with a vengeance. There will be nowhere to hide.

“It is clear to an amoeba by now that we are witnessing the start of Dr. Stephen Bannister’s second industrial revolution. The real crackpots are those who think the horse is hidden in the boot (or trunk in American English). So that is how a horseless carriage works. The Wright brothers used gasbags from Congress, imported from Parliament, ”

We wonder how long Bannister will hang onto his professorship when it becomes known that he believes in energy-from-nowhere. 

“and Marconi swam overnight from Poldu to Newfoundland, and switched on the receiver.”

Ooh, bad example. The completely unqualified Marconi did in fact set up that demonstration in complete secrecy so that, if it failed, it would not damage sales of his existing radios. He knew that the latter radios worked even when there was no line-of-sight, but there is a very high ‘mountain’ between the continents. He had crackpot beliefs concerning physics, and worked out his own theory of why the broadcast might work. Unfortunately, it was a completely wrong theory and the ‘S S S’ got through for a completely different reason. So, a crackpot received probably the most undeserved Nobel Prize in history. Hmm, perhaps there is hope for you yet, Ron. 


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