Cyber Attack on Science and Education

Cyber attack on talktalk

October 23, 2015

Many thanks to my cousin Vivienne Swaby for this information. These people are usually after credit card information and so on, so I advise all readers to be cautious.”

WARNING: an unscrupulous individual, calling himself ‘professor’ Evans and claiming to be a ‘lord’ as well as the ‘director’ of an influential ‘institute’ has been using a Talk Talk connection to spread disinformation concerning scientific matters and thus damaging the education of young people. He claims, for example, that scientists from Einstein to Hawking are wrong and that CERN should be closed down. Meanwhile, he backs pseudosciences such as perpetual-motion and antigravity and is closely associated with other conmen involved in those rackets, such as the former convict John Searl and the gun-carrying ‘Dr’ Thomas Bearden. All physics teachers should be on their guard because this crafty manipulator has somehow already managed to suborn the support of establishment figures.  


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