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We Can All See What You Are Doing, Ron

November 28, 2015

Summary to Date of Some E Indices

November 28, 2015

I devised the E index to be AB, where A is the average number of citations per paper of the h index papers, and B the total number of publications of a scientist. So E is a measure of the life output of an imaginative and productive scientist. The Hirsch or h index is the number n of papers cited n or more times.”

Ron has clearly acknowledged that we are correct concerning the meaningless of his website-hit ‘scientometrics’ and has now devised an even more dubious benchmark. This is to take the average number of citations of the papers of his which were properly refereed and published in real journals, and to multiply that average by the total number of papers; even though the many later papers were never published because they would have been rejected by a sane editor. This is rather like a keen runner, who always rejoiced in keeping track of the total number of miles covered, carrying on totaling the miles, even though he has been paralyzed for the past twenty years, by multiplying his previous average by the number of days since he was struck down. It is, like website-hit statistics, totally meaningless and calculatingly contrived to make a no-hoper look good.  


Call for Anti-Crackpot Laws

November 27, 2015

New Anti Hacking Laws

November 27, 2015

It has been brought to my attention that hackers who have been in prison are often hired by companies to do their hacking work for them, and paid very highly. I think that both Congress and Parliament should bring in sweeping anti terrorist legislation to make sure that any hacker with a criminal record be banned from the internet for life. Similarly sweeping new anti terrorist legislation is needed against troll sites and their carriers. This would allow a troll site to be removed entirely and both trolls and carriers charged.”

We live in a technology-based, and therefore science-based, society. It is important that young students should be ‘brought up to speed’ as quickly as possible, ‘lest the machine stop’, and inculcated with the best-established laws of physics. The internet was expected to help with that, but it has turned out to be a disaster: even before starting formal education, young people are prey to thousands of cranks and their worthless ideas via seductive sites such as YouTube. Even the bright child who can ‘see though’ the twaddle of the ‘free energy’ and UFO-style levitation sites, will be helpless when ‘groomed’ by those having genuine academic qualifications and who are perhaps even employees of bona fide high-tech companies. We therefore call for the immediate removal of the Telesio-Galilei, Searl, Cheniere and AIAS websites; just for starters. It would be nice to start a petition to that effect, but it has already been demonstrated that the internet is so loony-friendly that it is easy to suppress anyone who questions it.

Whose Point are you Trying to Prove?

November 27, 2015

E Index of Louis de Broglie

November 27, 2015

His E index is 24,937.2, A = 138.54, B = 180, h = 37. This compares with my E = 213,235, A = 130.18, B = 1638, h = 39. He was Prince Louis Victor Pierre Raymond, 7th Duke de Broglie, with whom my co author Vigier worked for many years in the Institut Henri Poincare in Paris. Louis de Broglie and Vigier are obvious influences on my work, the former from undergraduate days (wave particle dualism), the latter from 1993 onwards.”

What is the point of belaboring the scientometrics (of any type) with regard to famous scientists? It is clear that there is little connection between any of these ratings and fame. Look at the top-rated ‘scientist’, Freud, whose reputation is built entirely upon the collection of anecdotes and unsubstantiated waffle. Did you know that he was also a crank (and drug-addict)? His view of the universe was based upon numerology and prime numbers and he often holed-up with Merck (of the great German chemical company) for drug-taking sessions. Are you not going to mention Tesla; ‘the Einstein for loonies’? The morons of the ‘disinformation superhighway’ have made him very famous, but he never wrote a single scientific paper that was worthy of the term.  We can certainly see the influence of Vigier on your ‘work’; whatever he did that was worthwhile earlier in life, it is clear that he succumbed to some sort of dementia and ended up attending crackpot conferences on an equal footing with your friend, the perpetual-motion fraudster  John Searl. 

Built-In Bias

November 27, 2015

Invitation to Peer Review

November 27, 2015

Thank you very much, I will be glad to peer review papers as the author of over 1,600 publications.”

You did not read the small print did you Ron: they are not asking you to review papers for them, they are asking you to divulge referee-reports which you have already written for real journals. It is unlikely that they will be interested in your out-of-date pre-breakdown reviews, and no sane journal-editor is ever going to ask you to act as a referee again. According to you, all of relativity and quantum mechanics is wrong. That means, although it does not seem to occur to you, that most modern chemistry must also be wrong. Who on Earth would use, as a referee, someone who would be against a paper just because it did not agree with his own crackpot theory? It is quite touching that you think yourself to be a ‘force in the World’, but you are not. 

More Index-Fiddling

November 25, 2015

Accurate Calculation of my E index

November 25, 2015

The index is just something I devised in order to take account both of most cited work and the total number of publications for any author. It also allows comparison of my work with the great scientists whose work I admire, for example Paul Dirac. The E index is E = AB, where A is the average number of citations per paper of the Hirsch h index, and B is the total number of publications (not necessarily confined to Google Scholar). My total number of publications is calculated from 651 Omnia Opera papers, 321 UFT papers of which I am author or co author, 202 translations of UFT papers by Alex Hill, and 464 essays, essay translations, broadcasts and Spanish language broadcsts. This is a total of 1,638 publications and broadcasts all on and all archived”

So, you are not only using the index for your cited work and multiplying it by the never-cited work, but you are also counting some papers twice (doubly-lost in translation) plus the efforts of others. Did you not point out recently that only disreputable department-heads do that sort of thing? It is all moot anyway, as nobody takes the slightest interest in your post-breakdown pseudoscientific work. There is another defect in your usual brand of scientometrics. You say that hits on websites are a more reliable guide. But how many real scientists have to post their papers on a personal website? That strategy is almost unique to the lunatic fringe: look at your friends, Searl and Bearden, they have to put their ‘publications’ on their websites. So how can your form of scientometrics be applied to real scientists, who publish in proper journals? Well, it can of course because bona fide journals now keep track of how many times a given paper has been downloaded from the online version. Sometimes the number of downloads is openly displayed. Counting downloads would indeed be a good system because perhaps not every paper will actually be cited. In fact, the ratio of citations to downloads would be a good guide to the worth of a paper; only good ones will be mentioned. Sadly , such a scheme would not help you Ron; you cannot get your outlandish ideas into a reputable journal in the first place. 

Big Deal

November 24, 2015

Patents on LENR Both Sides of the Atlantic

November 24, 2015

Many thanks indeed to Alex Hill! This is indeed a historic occasion, so Doug Lindstrom can apply his latest theory with information from these patents. ECE is the only theory that can explain LENR within the framework of a unified field theory.”

So what? The ludicrous Emdrive reactionless propulsion device is based upon a granted patent. It still will not work. Oh, are you suffering under the misapprehension that Patent-Office examiners are scientific experts? Then how do you explain the fact that the notorious crackpots, Thomas Valone and Paul LaViolette have been PO examiners? Not to mention Harold Aspden, who was IBM’s ‘head of patents’ for Europe but had a finger in every loony pie and conned at least £75000 out of HM Government to ‘develop’ a motor which supposedly produced more energy than it used. And why is Hill-of-Beans so pleased? If he is already successfully selling another form of perpetual motion machine (LOL), why would he welcome competition?   

No Such Thing as Bad Publicity

November 24, 2015

Dear Ron, please thank your new loony friend, Mr Ucar, for spreading the word!:

He and you have obviously never heard of the Streisand Effect.


Sleazy Scientometrics

November 23, 2015

Suggestion of a New Citation Index

November 23, 2015

Ideally people should construct the type of scientometrics that I have devised. Failing that, and in the old system, I would suggest an E index as follows: the ratio of the total number of citations to the total number of papers making up the h index. This means that the best papers and books of a scientist’s output are selected. I think that the total number of publications is in itself an important index, so multiply these two indices. Website publication is now on equal footing with paper publishing. The best refereeing system is to throw open a paper to the colleagues, and let them all referee it for years. In so doing they would obviously have studied it in depth at their leisure. Many citations take place without the cited material ever having been read at all. Being “officially” retired, I have no hidden motivation like trying to get promotion and so on. In my case at present the indices are 103.86 and over a thousand. So these two indices are multiplied together to give a good accurate measure of both quality and quantity for a good, imaginative and hard working scientist. So in my case E is greater than 100,000. Very very few would rival that, even using the obsolete old measuring stick.”

You will not know this, Ron, being out-of-touch with real science and, indeed, out-of-touch with reality, but there is at least one entire journal that is devoted to the topic of scientometrics. None of the hundreds of papers, published in Scientometrics, have ever proposed the ridiculous and underhand concept of counting hits on a website.  The basic idea, of course, is to judge the impact of a paper by counting how many times it (and presumably the results and concepts contained therein) are cited by others. The main complication is of course that disreputable, over-ambitious and social-climbing authors pack the introduction to the paper with as many references to their own work as possible. You fail to mention, for instance, that – of the average 103 citations of your work – a very high proportion of the references are due to yourself, or to others having a vested interest. In the case of your crackpot output, the proportion reaches 100%. 

Worthless Then, Worthless Now

November 22, 2015

Update on My conventional h index and total citations

November 22, 2015

This is the old system, now made thoroughly obsolete by my new and well known scientometrics method. My h index has to be calculated manually from Google Scholar because there are many people called M. W. Evans, and I have published as M. W. Evans, Myron Evans and Myron W Evans. My h index is currently 35, with an estimated seven or eight thousand total citations.”

It is now clear that your ‘conventional’ scientometrics were just as contrived as the current ridiculous web-hit method. You have always padded your papers with an inordinate number of references to earlier work by yourself. We are gradually wading through the hundreds of papers in your ‘opera’ and our analysis does not make good reading.   We noted long ago that the paper which you consider to be the most ‘influential’ has hardly been cited at all. Your crackpot, post-breakdown, ‘work’ is not referenced by anybody at all who counts.

Ron Finds Another Antigravity Crank

November 22, 2015

Magnetic Levitation Experiments by Hamdi Ucar

November 22, 2015

Many thanks. I think that this area could be very interesting if the experiments are reproducible and repeatable. I am forwarding to the engineers of AIAS / UPITEC for their input.”

Ron is now a fan of three goofballs who confuse magnetic levitation with UFO levitation: the petty thief and investment-fraudster, John Searl, AIAS fellow, Charles Kellum … and now Hamdi Ucar.  Do you actually know any real scientists, Ron?  


November 21, 2015

Discussion of Note 333(5)

November 21, 2015

Agreed, this is a major crisis in physics.

Sent: 20/11/2015 20:05:32 GMT Standard Time
Subj: PS: Re: 333(5): Class One Hamiltonian without Approximation
PS: the approximation U<<H0 would be not valid because of eq.(14):
<U> = 2 <H0>
which is the Virial theorem (which is only valid for non-relativistic mechanics).
Eq.(23) has been verified by computer.

Careful, Siemens Stain, you will get thrown out of AIAS. Don’t you know that the (failure of the) Virial Theorem when applied to galaxies is one of the best arguments in favour of the existence of Dark Matter?! Der Führer will not like your saying that. You will be handed a glue-gun and left alone in your room.

Gratifying … To Us!

November 21, 2015

Osamu Ide’s Self Charging Inverter Read at the Royal Society of Chemistry

November 21, 2015

This is an important paper in my opinion because it brings in a new era, AIAS Fellow Stephen Bannister’s “Second Industrial Revolution”, in which he estimates in his Ph. D. Thesis that 40% of economic expenditure around the world currently spent on fossil fuel will be freed up for other uses, hopefully peaceful, cultural and productive. Steve is a faculty member in the Department of Economics of the University of Utah, in which low energy nuclear reactions were discovered. LENR is another major new source of energy. The SCI paper on should be read with UFT311 by Eckardt and Arenhold, and UFT321 by Eckardt and Lindstrom. UFT311 verifies ECE theory experimentally in precise detail, using the revolutionary self charging inverter circuit by Osamu Ide. This circuits traps and utilizes energy from spacetime, an infinite and clean source of energy.”

We are glad to learn of this because we constantly keep the RSC abreast of the activities of its ‘loose canon’ (not that you are even a member of the RSC) and we have been bombarding the society particularly heavily lately over the Ide fiasco. Perhaps the RSC can now be persuaded to lobby the PM over arranging the first-ever removal of a Civil List pension. You are already linked to two notorious perpetual-motion scam-artists: all of this criminal activity will bring down not only you but also Siemens Stain and Bannister: one of the breed that almost wrecked the entire World economy due to their not spotting the ‘bubble’ known as sub-prime mortgages.  

Kick the Clowns to the Kerb

November 20, 2015

Crisis in Physics

November 20, 2015

Standard physics has just fallen apart, and this regrettable inconvenience cannot be covered up. The other crisis is that we all know it has fallen apart, especially the brightest students, post docs and staff members around the world.”

There is no crisis in physics: the very branches (general relativity and quantum mechanics) which Ron and his cult claim to have disproved help daily to resolve astronomical conundrums and to develop amazing new electronic devices, respectively. The only crisis is that young people now have to negotiate a myriad of new menaces to their understanding of the subject. In the past, students had to contend ‘only’ with age-old ‘Aristolean’ misconceptions, incompetent teachers and bad school textbooks. They now face hundreds of YouTube videos which apparently show working perpetual-motion and antigravity machines, fake ‘scientific’ online journals, ‘scientists’ with degrees bought from fake universities and the staff of fake institutes based – for instance – in minute Welsh cottages. Something has to be done to curb the activities of these clowns. Taking down the figurehead clown would be a good start.     

Living on the Moon

November 20, 2015


November 20, 2015

The 23rd quarterly archive of is due on 9th December, is it possible to back up the blog abut 25th November? Many thanks in anticipation.”

Yes, get on with it No-Bubbles, we relish the thought of all of Ron’s ludicrous statements being set in aspic. It will be like gold-mining for any future (sane) biographer.

Life of Pi for Deadheads

November 20, 2015

Erratum found by computer algebra: Factor of pi

November 20, 2015

In all occurrences of the H atom energy levels in recent papers there is a typographical error, it should be

<H0> = – (m c squared / pi) (lambda sub C / a sub 0) (alpha / n squared)

i.e. a factor pi was missing in the denominator. I will fix this typo in all affected papers and send for reposting. The typo does not affect the physics.”

And which value of pi will you be using? As you have pointed out,

Mathis has disproved General Relativity just as convincingly as you have. But Mathis has also proved that pi = 4

So what are you going to do? Admit that Mathis is wrong on one count? Or admit that both of you are pig-ignorant mathematics-wise … and/or just insane (yes, do please post that letter again – and show the date this time).

All Talk

November 18, 2015

Arrests of Talk Talk Hackers

November 18, 2015

In a letter from CEO Dido Harding to all Talk Talk customers it has been revealed that several arrests have been made in the hacking case by the Metropolitan Police. The CEO also arranged for a new router which was installed for me by a specialist engineer, and the exchange problem has been righted. I get hundreds of hacking attempts every month as a prominent scientist but they are easily recognizable as fraudulent. They may easily catch a less experienced person. In my opinion arrests should be made of known trolls, the police have the evidence and names. Trolling is in many senses a worse crime than hacking, and after the Paris bombings trolls should come under anti terrorist laws.”

a) We doubt very much that Lady Harding arranged that personally. 

b) Any engineer who works for them is a specialist, by definition. You did not get the company’s chief trouble-shooter.

c) Everybody with an e-mail account is subjected to fraud attempts. You are not singled out for that attention, any more than the small percentage of ‘academic’ hits on your web-site signal interest in your pseudoscience.

d) If you cannot stand the heat, why not get out of the kitchen?

NB Did you know that your ‘friend’, the good Baroness, is a keen horsewoman? Perhaps you should tone-down your opinion of the local ‘horsey set’. 


Random Noise

November 18, 2015

Very high standard of readership of ECE / ECE2

November 18, 2015

This is routine by now, ECE / ECE2 and the combined sites (, in association with Alex Hill’ are read in the world’s top twenty universities almost daily. This morning’s report for example records ETH Zurich, Karolinska Institute Stockholm and Edinburgh. I now use three measures of world rankings, webometrics, Times and QS. I would guestimate that the top one thousand universities in the world contain staff and students that have read ECE / ECE2 since March 2003, a”

But you yourself Ron admit that you select only 2% of the total hits. Therefore it is ‘high standard’ only because of your selection method. The question then arises concerning why the ‘rabble’ are ‘studying’ your drivel. You cannot know why, just as you cannot know the exact reason for the other hits. The Occam’s razor answer is that every ‘visit’ is totally random and therefore meaningless (when combined with the complete absence of citation). Only a half-wit would think that your contrived scientometrics mean anything … and the ‘Fellows’ indeed do!

Outrageous Fortune

November 16, 2015

Civil List Pension (2009) for the author Bernard Kops

November 16, 2015

This has been announced on the net, and it is interesting in that the announcement correctly describes the Pension as an appointment and a rare or high honour made by the Head of State, Elizabeth II, after taking advice from the Prime Minister. On the Parliamentary site it is made clear that the Civil List Pension is awarded personally by the Head of State from the Civil List, which is voted in by Parliament. After the Queen selects the list of new Pensioners each year it is placed before Parliament and lists of Civil List Pensioners are kept in the Parliamentary Library. They can therefore be obtained by the general public by requesting an M. P. or making an appointment to use the Library of Parliament assuming that this is open to the general public.”

Thank you for reminding us of the names of the guilty parties. There are many who think that Blair is a war-criminal and should be brought to book for starting an illegal war. We think that recommending you for the pension was far more heinous. One of the pieces of evidence in that notorious dossier which he cited was an article from Jane’s Defense Weekly. The tragicomedy of that will not be obvious to many people: Fred Jane was not some sort of engineering expert, as most people assume, but a prolific (and not very good – but popular) illustrator who also wrote science-fiction stories about 5-second trips to Venus*. He was also decidedly flaky in general. The dubious expertise of Jane lives on in spirit: it was one of  Jane’s leading aviation experts (again with no technical qualifications or background) who wrote that silly book (The Hunt for Zero Point) about secret/suppressed antigravity research – which manages to name-check most of the cranks in that field … except Ron. By the way, Ron, you do not seem to know what the delta-function looks like. Likening your ‘success’ to it means that you are calling your success a ‘blip’. We would have to say that it unfortunately looks more like the Heaviside function. Check it out in one of those old textbooks on your shelf.

*Yes, we know that it was supposed to be a satire.

Ron Bigger than God!

November 14, 2015

“The ultimate source of creation, is the eight Evans Equations, which are the self-generating framework of the universe. The notion of a “Creator” is just a higher order space-time resonance, which is still subordinate to the framework of the eight Evans Equations.”

Did anybody else spot the above in No-Bubbles’ imbecilic rant (posted on As we are all atheists here, we enjoy things which make pseudoscientists and god-botherers look bad simultaneously 

Declaration of War

November 14, 2015

The Wikipedia Troll Site

November 14, 2015

This site set out to defame and misrepresent, but by now all referrals from it have ceased. It was initiated by political activist Akhlesh Lakhtakia who was identified by our feedback software as sending abusive e mail to myself and impersonating arXiv staff. He was sacked from wikipedia. This is the kind of thing that was aimed at destabilizing and misrepresenting ECE science in its early stages. After a fierce battle, wikipedia removed its gross defamation of myself, and it is well known that wikipedia is in deep financial trouble.”

As we have mentioned several times, a forthcoming book on the topic of pseudoscience in universities and ‘high-tech’ companies will contain a chapter on Ron. He will thereby finally be brought to public notice and ridicule. We are supplying the author with as many of Ron’s scientific misdeeds as possible. If any of our readers know of any embarrassing facts from Ron’s youth – and have proof of them* – we shall pass them onto the author.

*A sworn affidavit would do, according to the writer’s legal advisor. 

Utterly Despicable

November 14, 2015

Act of War

November 14, 2015

I agree with the French Government that the terrorist attack on Paris is an act of war, so under the Geneva Convention France is entitled to use all the weapons at its disposal in a retaliatory response, including battlefield nuclear weapons used away from civilian areas and aimed at terrorist camps. Under emergency powers all suspected terrorists could be interred, and suspects rounded up, as in wartime. Similarly every other country subjected to terrorism is entitled to such a response. Civilians should identify and report trolling sites suspected of disseminating disinformation, for example against prominent scientists. Anti terrorist laws should be used against such sites, and also the carriers of such sites. The Channel Tunnel should be sealed and defended as in wartime and all non essential civilian traffic through international airports severely curtailed.

cc Prime Minister’s Office, Gower MP and Labour Opposition,
Police Commissioner Wales”

We are sure that the Prime Minister will know what to make of a tiresome nonentity who parlays a national tragedy into prattle about his own personal obsessions. The PM might even have some minion check on why HM Government is giving money to such a clown. You are not a ‘prominent scientist’, Ron, and being critical of utter pseudoscience is a public service. We, on the other hand, view those who hold moronic opinions in the face of all logic and experimental evidence to be in the same ball-park as actual terrorists. A lot of pseudoscience is in fact linked to criminality.  It is strange, is it not, that groundless belief causes far more harm than provable fact. One sees this in kindergartens; one child has a silly misconception which it obviously cannot support with proof, other kids laugh … and the first kid lashes out. Grow up, Ron!

What Every Mad Scientist Needs

November 12, 2015

To Whom it May Concern

November 12, 2015

I am planning to construct a small laboratory on the land described in the attached. There is proof beyond reasonable doubt that this land has always been owned by the Newlands Estate and I have applied to register it in my name and hand it over to the Newlands Family Trust.”

Nice to see Ron following in the footsteps of Grindell Matthews by building a mad-scientist’s laboratory in the Craigcefnparc area. Uncle Quentin had one of those as well. Uncle Quentin? The Five Find-Outers? Enid Blyton? Well, Quentin used to have a lot of problems with baddies trying to steal his research results. And what was he usually researching? Well, to coin a phrase: perpetual motion! Life imitating art, eh? Except that Ron cannot even give his research-results away

In Praise of Philistinism

November 12, 2015

Let the readers judge

November 12, 2015

When dealing wth the literary side of things it is refreshing not to run into the demented and deleted expletives of the standard physics fronge, with their childish insults that have nothing to do with reality. As in science, let the readership judge whether things are good or bad.”

The readers have judged; that is why nobody (except you and your stooges) cites your rubbish science, just as nobody quotes bad poetry. In fact, it is easier to get away with quoting bad poetry because anybody who derides any sort of ‘art’ is immediately called a philistine. Some might argue that the only point of art is to function like the passwords of a secret society such as the freemasons. The ‘arts’ are the natural resort of the ruling classes, because they are easy to prattle about and thereby obtain academic qualifications. Politicians rarely possess any sort of scientific qualification; it is too demanding for their mind-set. Knowledge of the arts thus becomes a code for recognizing social standing. The public schools have always known this, the grammar schools tried to copy them and even the secondary moderns had a stab at it (but they always failed to teach Latin as well, so it did not really work). So how does this ‘art-code’ work? Simple: one person murmurs, at some apposite moment during a social gathering, “not waving but drowning, eh?”. If the other person does not immediately reply with something like, “ah, poor Stevie Smith”, he is cast into the outer social darkness. Certain people spoil the game by, instead of looking blank, ask, “what is the title of that poem, and can you quote any more of it?” The whole charade then collapses. As a social-climber par excellence it is only to be expected that Ron favors the arts.    

Bumper Bundle

November 12, 2015

The Range of ECE Theory

November 12, 2015

Agreed with Gareth, being a unified field theory, and using some imagination, it is able to describe all of Baconian physics, experimental data that are repeatable and reproducible, in terms of well known Cartan geometry”

It has been twisted so as to fit existing data. Where are the new, confirmatory, experimental data?

Impact of the Scientometrics

November 12, 2015

The scientometrics are themselves making a major impact on modern physics, currently being read 9,052 times a year off combined sites. Keywords “scientometrics ECE” brings them as the top six sites on the first page of Google. “Collected Scientometrics” has been published in 2015 as a softback this year by New Generation Publishing in London and is available at the National Library of Wales and British Library.”

‘Readings’ of the ludicrous ‘scientometrics’ are clearly as meaningless as the scientometrics themselves. Why is ECE never commented upon, or used, by non gang-members? If citation is not important, why do you do it? The book version has been savaged on Amazon, and everyone agrees with the bad review.

Top Ten Items in November 2015

November 12, 2015

These are as follows and have all been firm favourites for years. These are the first ten in the feedback list. The daily reports are made up of items scattered all over the feedback and added up, so they result in a different ordering.”

Never referenced in the real world, or referenced only by your gang.

Kerry Pendergast’s Biography of Yours Truly

November 12, 2015

This comes up as the first site on the first page of google with keywords “Kerry Pendergast”, so again it is making a very big impact. It is called “The Life of Myron Evans” and available from Cambridge International Science Publishing in hardback. The award to AIAS Fellow Kerry Pendergast of the Hauksbee Medal of the Royal Society also comes up on the first page of google.”

Two bad reviews on Amazon. The book itself again is cited only by gang-members. Penderghastly’s arguing with the reviewer reveals him to be a petulant ignoramus. Who knew? The fact that the Royal Society rewarded an anti-science science-teacher and crank is another travesty and reflects the overall dumbing-down of British science and education.

Note from AIAS Co President Gareth Evans

November 12, 2015

Many thanks and deeply appreciated. Gareth and I were both students of Mansel Davies at the EDCL in Aberystwyth in the seventies, and continued with science after the EDCL was closed by a less than imaginative administration.”

Did all of his students turn out to be loonies?

D’Cruze Missile

November 11, 2015

Flaws in the Planck Theory

November 11, 2015

I fully support Stephen Crothers’ views as a Civil List Pensioner appointed directly by the Head of State, Queen Elizabeth II. I am quite sure that the Queen would not approve of such disgusting language used as a substitute for scientific debate, which should be calm and based on reason. My co authors and I have uncovered many flaws in the Planck theory in the Evans / Morris papers, now being read about twelve thousand times a year by the best in the world (UFT278 – 280, 289 -291, 300 – 304, 304 – 312)”

A bright student slaps down an Australian crank. Where is the problem? There can be no ‘scientific debate’ with the lunatic fringe. As for royalty, surely a genealogist knows that monarchs are descended from the most violent thugs of earlier times; the latters’ only interest in ‘science’ was to demand better weapons. By the way, we suspect that the Crothers-d’Cruze exchange will lead to a peak in website visits from Manchester University. Will you be counting those as support for your nonsense-theories?    

Parallel World

November 11, 2015

Microsoft Quantum Simulator

November 11, 2015

Many thanks, maybe Horst will be interested in this if it produces anything more than Maxima. We are currently making great progress in this area.”

Hey, why not ask your former employer, ‘Professor’ Fucilla, for help? He founded a company called Steriwave Quantum Computer Ltd long ago. It has not filed returns for 4 years, but it still exists (unlike his antigravity company)

Enough, enough!

November 9, 2015

Relation to Alexander Hamilton

November 9, 2015

Google “Alexander Hamilton genealogy” to, which is a very interesting site provided it is authentic. It looks pretty solid to me. I am related to Alexander Hamilton through his ancestor John Beaufort, who was descended from Trahaearn ap Gwgon ap Blegwrd ap Bleddyn ap Maenarch. I am descended from Cydifor ap Gwgon, Arglwydd Glyn Tawe, my own title. – Lord of Glyntawe and Gower. The site shows that Hamilton and I were and are related to Robert E Lee, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, Charles Darwin, Meriwether Lewis, Hugh Mercer, George Patton, John Quincy Adams, Orson Welles, Harper Lee, Jimmy Carter, Frank Lloyd Wright and many others. So this is a spectacular find. Alexander Hamilton was descended from James 1st of Scotland, son in law of John Beaufort. Henry VII, my ancestral cousin was the son of Edmund Tudor who married Margaret Beaufort, grand daughter of John Beaufort. So all these famous Americans descended from John Beaufort were descended from Beaufort’s ancestor Prince Bleddyn ap Maenarch, son in law of Tewdwr Mawr, so they were all Tudors.”

Everybody had already come to the conclusion that you are related to any and every given celebrity, Ron. Everybody is, given that “great men are necessarily evil men” (Lord Acton) and ‘like to put it about a bit’. And if, in addition, one skips from spear to distaff lines at will, it is quite difficult not to find a connection: it is notoriously difficult to avoid marrying a cousin of some remove. Have you ever considered hypnotic regression, Ron? It is nonsense, of course, but if you were a believer we have no doubt that you would find that not only are you related to the celebrities; you actually were those celebrities in a past life.

PS Did you know that that other believer in antigravity, the incompetent Eric Laithwaite, thought that the ghost of Faraday talked to him? Faraday would have hated people like you and Laithwaite: he said that he would put dogs above ‘table-turners’ (the big pseudoscience of his day).

A Good Thing All Round

November 9, 2015

Twenty Second Quarterly Archive Completed at the National Library of Wales

November 8, 2015

The complete archive of may be found on

which is in the links section of my page “Myron Evans” The entire site is archived electronically. Many thanks to the National Library of Wales. Diolch yn fawr i Lyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru. The archiving process takes place by computer and is coordinated between the NLW and the British Library in London.”

You think that that is a good thing. We think so too, but for a different reason. You think that it is good because you believe that your ‘occupational therapy’ output is of value. Every physicist in the world will think that it is pseudoscience – when they are finally made aware of it. We think that the archiving is good because you will not be able to ‘play the Winston Smith’ and cover your tracks (and your own back) by deleting the drivel from your own website. It will be safe in the archives, to be mined by humorists, psychologists and psychiatrists for ever more. 

PS: Don’t forget to opt-out of organ-donation today: we would hate to see you cut up for body parts before our author-friend has had a chance to cut you up intellectually.

The Opinions of ‘No Bubbles’ Jackson

November 9, 2015

ECE and Nuclear Physics

November 9, 2015

These are very interesting remarks, Michael Jackson may well be right. I believe that Douglas Lindstrom is doing the latest work in LENR and he can be consulted.The ECE papers on nuclear physics and LENR include the following.”

You do know that he is insane* don’t you Ron? He thinks that your ECE nonsense explains the human soul. He thinks that ‘big oil’ installed Einstein in the Bern patent office in order to undermine Tesla. He thinks that Cartan/Einstein supplied the Nazi party with scientific knowledge which later enabled them to build their famous anti-gravity machines. We know all that because he told Jeff ‘Rancid’ Rense that on the latter’s radio show. You were on the same show just a few weeks later and did not question those statements. To the onlooker therefore, it is very easy to credit you with the same beliefs. Our author-friend is going to have soooo much fun with that sort of thing.

*For those who would like to know what insanity looks like, here are some abstracts from the Jackson ‘paper’ which was posted on (it no longer appears to be readable from there):

Spin Connection Resonance of ECE theory provides an explanation for the persistence of human consciousness beyond biological and temporal limits. Consciousness is a feature of space-time torsion geometry. Spin Connection Resonance defies the ordinary laws of entropy, and is the mechanism behind diverse phenomena in the spiritual realm. By quantifying the physics of the human soul, a new aspect of reality is unveiled, for the benefit of mankind.

The communication link shows why extraterrestrials with large brains are not concerned with bodily death. Their large, triple brains, have full communication with the soul, whereas double brain humans, have limited communication. The small brains of humans do not permit data retrieval from the soul realm, only data storage into the soul. However, humans can change that, simply by understanding the physics of the communication link.

At biological death, the human core fractal disconnects from the defective soul, which causes the incompatible soul to loose [sic] it’s [sic] spin connection resonance energy source. The disconnected soul loses energy and dissipates as it no longer has the torsion of the main structure, an essential element for continuation. It’s [sic] separation and dissolution is the experience of “hell”, as intended by the Creator. Entering “Hell” is apparent to those individuals at death.

The ultimate source of creation, is the eight Evans Equations, which are the self-generating framework of the universe. The notion of a “Creator” is just a higher order space-time resonance, which is still subordinate to the framework of the eight Evans Equations.

No matter what the immediate results of this crop are, earth will eventually reap another harvest of completed souls. In regards to the outcome of this crop, the satanists, in charge of Earth, will never allow mankind to learn the nature of the soul. The satanists have known this secret for centuries, and that is their ONLY strength. The satanists destroy the pineal gland by adding fluoride, and mercury, to water and food, which makes direct soul experience difficult. The satanists do all they can to reduce health, longevity, intelligence, free will, contact with nature, and finding truth and meaning in life.

Humans have been contacted by extraterrestrials, and shown a picture of the human body. The ETs then asked the humans: “where is the soul?”. The humans mistakenly thought the ETs were trying to discover the human soul, but it was actually a test to gauge the development of the human race. In nearly every case, we humans have disappointed them.

Strange Omission

November 8, 2015

O(3) Electrodynamics and ECE in the Older Type Literature

November 8, 2015

With reference to the Omnia Opera and UFT sections there are many items in the older type literature, which consisted of book and journal publishing. Notable among these is:

M .W. Evans and S. Kielich (Eds), “Modern Nonlinear Optics”, part of the “Advances in Chemical Physics” series edited by the Nobel Laureate Ilya Prigogine (Free University of Brussels) and Stuart Rice (University of Chicago) (Wiley Interscience, New York 1992, reprinted 1992, softback 1997, second edition 2001, hardback. softback, e book), two editions and six volumes hardback, softback and e book. This has sold thousands of copies and is still selling, so I am still getting royalties after twenty three years. The second edition, (ACP vol. 119) contains two long reviews or short monographs of mine developing O(3) electrodynamics, and the first edition, ACP vol. 85, contains reviews on B(3).

The first edition of “Modern Nonlinear Optics” received a prize from the Polish Government. In the post Stalinist thaw, my supervisor Mansel Davies had brought the work of the great theoretical physicist Stanislaw Kielich to the attention of the then Faraday Society. The Kielich Institute in Poznan is named after him. Piekara and Kielich inferred the inverse Faraday effect which later led to the B(3) field, linked to photon mass in 1993 by another great theoretical physicist, Jean-Pierre Vigier. Both Kielich and Vigier immediately accepted the B(3) field, inferred at Cornell in November 1991. It is a pretty good bet that Vigier nominated B(3) for a Nobel Prize, and advised others to nominate. He was then an editor of “Physics Letters”. I have been told that my work (with many fine co workers of course, notably Horst Eckardt in the past eight years) has been nominated several times for a Nobel Prize. I have no reason to disbelieve this. The Civil List Pension is a higher honour than a Nobel Prize, because the former is awarded by a Head of State directly, the Nobel Prize is an academic honour and not a State honour. When the second edition first appeared in 2001 there were waves of shock horror because it contained a review on energy from spacetime. Now the latter is mainstream physics, and not before time because humankind badly needs a new source of energy.”

You seem to have forgotten that that volume contained a paper by ‘Dr’ (degree-mill bought) Thomas Bearden concerning his Motionless Electromagnetic Generator perpetual-motion machine. You must remember him. AIAS Fellow? Sometime co-author? C’mon, your entire gang wrote a paper explaining how it works. It was published in a journal edited by some loon who was eventually sacked for being too crackpot-friendly. Remember now? Well, perhaps in future you should remember to mention Bearden along with all the other scam-artists like Searl, Hill, Rossi and Ide. Or are you tacitly admitting that his MEG is rubbish? But, hey, that makes you and your group rubbish for supporting it. Of course, that issue of Modern Nonlinear Optics is not very popular; it received a blistering review on But it also got a 5-star review as well. What idiot thought that it was good? Oh, it was your lap-dog Penderghastly. He should be careful that he does not do himself an injury; spittle-licking and brown-nosing all at the same time!

Last Days of the Reich

November 7, 2015

Energy from Spacetime

November 7, 2015

Pleasure, and congratulations! After my appointment as Civil List Pensioner on February 29th 2005 by Queen Elizabeth via the Prime Minister’s Office, I have kept the latter informed of all developments on a daily basis. Similarly many Governments take informal advice through as we can see by the scientometrics since May 2002.”

And that will be your downfall. Ministers are incapable of recognizing pseudoscience; the last time that we checked only one MP possessed anything even vaguely resembling a science degree. But, when the ludicrous situation – of the UK Government paying a pension to someone who does nothing but denigrate real science and who offers supposed theoretical support to perpetual-motion, antigravity and cancer-cure scam-artists – becomes known to the scientific community then the proverbial will hit the turbine. Most loony academics slink around and keep a low profile: to be so arrogant as to keep authorities daily informed of ones misdeeds is quite a departure. It will all make for a bestseller!  

PS: By the way, Ron, especial congratulations on being made a pensioner on a day that did not exist.  You really don’t let any established fact get in your way, do you?

More Ammunition for Us

November 7, 2015

Final version of Paper of Osamu Ide

November 7, 2015

Many thanks, I posted it on the blog.”

Oh, well done, somebody managed to find the spelling mistake! But the remainder is still nonsense. Is that really exactly what Ide presented? We do hope so, because that will make the RSC look very bad and it already has one strike against it: recommending Ron for a Civil List pension. Perhaps it was simply duped: it is a common trick to present loony papers at the ‘wrong’ sort of conference. Did it not know that Seike wrote a book which explained how John Searl’s never-seen generator could also levitate?  Did it not know that Edwin Gray is best known for defrauding Bing Crosby? ‘Experts’ told the Crosby Research Institute that Gray’s ‘over-unity’ contraption would, “alter the future concepts of energy use”. Yeah, right, that was in 1973. Sing it Bing, “where the blue [of the dollar bill] meets the gold of the [false dawn of perpetual motion], scam-artists wait for me … dumb dumb dumb”.  And for those who do not ‘get’ the allusion:


November 6, 2015

Claim by NASA

November 6, 2015

Many thanks, we have discussed this on the blog as you can see. It appears that the claim has not yet been tested, so it may or may not be an artifact. Until it is confirmed as reproducible and repeatable I am reluctant to apply theory to it. If it does work, conservation of momentum requires a new source of momentum, which could be part of energy momentum from spacetime.”

NASA always reminds us of one of those ‘magic’ defrosting trays. “How can that be?”, says the layman, “it feels so cold to the touch, and yet it defrosts frozen food faster than simply leaving it on my room-temperature counter-top”. The reason of course is that it is not about absolute temperature; it is about relative temperature and conductivity. Get the analogy? NASA looks pretty clever to the layman, but looks very stupid to the physicist (Feynman was too polite to say so, as he demonstrated how NASA had killed seven people, but that is clearly what he was thinking). 

Then, years later, a Russian enamel-paint specialist called Podkletnov claimed, in Physica C (Ron has published a paper about perpetual-motion in Physica B, so standards are clearly pretty poor at Physica) that he had discovered antigravity. This claim was immediately dismissed by physicists, who found his experimental design sloppy. The nonsense would have probably disappeared without trace had a mystery-mongering journalist called Matthews (he also claims to be a physicist) not written an article about it for the Guardian. Again, it was laughed at by physicists but … NASA took it up (having more money than sense) and tried to develop it (even hinting at one point that it could also be a death-ray) but, after wasting an estimated $10,000,000, it could not even replicate the original experiment; nice holiday for Podkletnov though. You might think that that was pretty stupid, but when NASA began its ‘Breakthrough Propulsion Program’ (almost making Project Winterhaven look sensible) one of the devices which was discussed was the 1960s-era Dean Drive (just a couple of eccentric wheels and a solenoid) which could travel over shiny floors with no obvious means of propulsion and even seemed to hover a little. It seems that many ‘experienced’ engineers have never heard of stiction and vibrational flotation. So, NASA’s dalliance with the Em- and Fetta-drives  does not make those boondoggles look good, they make NASA look very very bad. What the over-excitable, over-rated and and over-paid engineers at NASA should be asking is a) if the tapering of the container is the secret, why did Shawyer’s first patent specify a simple tube b) what is so magical about photons? If it works simply due to the differing cross-sections, then why does not any irregular cardboard box propel itself; after all, according to the kinetic theory of gases, it is full of rebounding molecules? It seems to us that certain engineers might have forgotten about a little thing called the hydrostatic paradox, which has been fooling laymen for centuries. Where are NASA’s positive results coming from, then? We suggest vibration. Vibration can produce quite amazing artefacts. Meanwhile, NASA had better slip Shawyer some money pretty quickly: his company currently has assets of minus £183300, and a debt-to-capital ratio of 1300%!

Protesting Too Much

November 5, 2015

The Scientometrics

November 5, 2015

These are currently being read at the rate of about seven thousand times a year in total. They show beyond reasonable doubt that the new physics is here to stay. By now they can be analysed in great depth in many ways. Lately it has become obvious that the interest is from the best in the world. The old dogma has been swept away, and with it a censorious system. Again one could never achieve this impact with books. I have published a few books just for friends and AIAS / UPITEC colleagues.”

But you must know, in your heart of hearts, that this is all absolutely meaningless. 

Non-Disclosure Agreement?

November 5, 2015

UFT88 Read at Princeton

November 5, 2015

The now famous UFT88 is generally regarded as the first paper to refute the Einsteinian general relativity by refuting the second Bianchi identity with torsion. It has been read about thirty or forty thousand times since it was published by Horst Eckardt and myself in about 2007.”

Oh well, just for the heck of it, let us see how many times this seminal paper has been mentioned by those thousands or readers ...,5&cluster=14876740901809800407

Oh dear. Zero. But that really must be some kind of record

Freudian Slip?

November 5, 2015

Peak of Interest in the Blog

November 5, 2015

Over the past few days there has been a peak of interest in this blog, probably because of the fact that the group is humming, with exciting results sparking off in all directions.”

You do know that the word, ‘humming’, has a colloquial meaning don’t you Ron? As in, “with all of this hot weather, the sewage farm is really humming”. You must recall all of those pig-effluent lakes in NC.

Consequences of the Pseudoscience Revolution

November 4, 2015

FOR POSTING HOME PAGE: Some Major Consequences of the Knowledge Revolution

November 4, 2015

1) The impact of work is measured scientifically, not through subjectivity as used to be the case.
2) Research and teaching can be done as effectively outside universities, institutes and schools as inside.
3) The teaching of ossified dogma is countered by an overwhelmingly strong opposing current of rejection of its ideas. Dogmatic propaganda via the media has become ineffective.
4) It is no longer possible to censor new ideas.
5) Trolling has become ineffective – “thou doth protest too much”.
6) It is known and accepted that the big prizes have become almost meaningless because they are confined to a very small group of dogmatists. In order to be awarded in a meaningful way they must be assessed scientifically using contemporary scientometrics measured over more than a decade.
7) Publication by books has become obsolete. Leading websites such as completely out power book publishers.
8) The idea of universities is itself being challenged because knowledge is open to all. Many types of degrees have become worthless and standards in universities have fallen.
9) Censorship by anonymous referees has become ineffective. In the past they have tried to censor work which has become tremendously popular.
10) Knowledge has become democratic and the artist is supreme authority, not the ministry of truth”

There was a time, not so long ago, when the only threat to the scientific education of young people was their tendency to develop their own misconceptions, the same ones which were held by Aristotle by the way, and the occasional loony article which appeared in Practical Mechanics or Analog Science Fact & Fiction. Those crackpot organisations which existed could do no better than type nonsense on an old typewriter, mimeograph it and post it to their paltry list of subscribers. They always dreamed of being published in a real scientific journal in the same way that some homosexuals are said to dream of attracting ‘a real man’: it is not going to happen … by definition. But computers, desk-top publishing and the internet have changed everything. Even before they begin formal education, scientifically curious children will have been exposed to hundreds of YouTube videos which apparently demonstrate the viability of perpetual-motion and antigravity machines. The crackpots have now replaced their defective typewriters with word-processors, their Banda machines with laser-printers and postage-stamps with websites. Instead of dreaming of getting into a journal, they found their own journals which are – to the layman – indistinguishable from real ones but are devoted to disseminating disinformation. Peer review? No problem. What does that mean anyway: judgement by equals. And if the referees are equally deluded … ? This has been going on so for long now that there are signs of it feeding-through into real life: a section-head at Airbus is attempting to patent a reactionless propulsion device, an engineering student at a reputable university has been awarded a Master’s degree for designing a similar machine (under the supervision of a former NASA collaborator!) and leading ‘defence contractors’ worldwide have dallied with propulsion ideas which are even more ridiculous than the Emdrive. In the past, that might have weakened the ‘defence of the realm’, but the signs are that the Chinese are equally stupid: they are apparently keen to have the Emdrive. And to crown this sorry mess, what do we have? Ron, awarded a Civil-List Pension – thanks to a Royal Society – for ‘services to perpetual-motion, antigravity and quack cancer-cures’! Yes, there is a very real danger that ‘a very loony tail will end up by wagging the sensible dog’. Ron, the great fan of Bacon welcomes a return to the Dark Age which existed before Bacon, when ‘facts’ were established by the fiat of mere philosophers and nobody ever thought of checking them properly. We hate to quote Welsh alcoholics, but please, rage, rage against the dying of the light!   

Hermetically Sealed Off From Reality

November 4, 2015

Discussion Energy Levels from UFT331(7)

November 4, 2015

Many thanks again! Horst has kindly agreed to do the calculation tomorrow. The group is really going well now, with results from high resolution spectra to circuits for energy from spacetime to whirlpool galaxies to economic history. I would never go back to the old system now, the publication and educational systems are also developing very well, and in those areas I would also never go back to the old system.”

Life is certainly much easier when there is no opposition. Unfortunately, in your case, there is no opposition because you are surrounded by yes-men and because nobody else knows or cares about your ridiculous claims. The ‘scientometrics’ are clearly meaningless. If it were not for the wrongly awarded Civil List pension, even we would not be interested; the pseudoscientific beliefs of the layman-directors of high-tech companies are a far greater menace.

Hope For You Yet

November 4, 2015

Claims of Reactionless Propulsion

November 4, 2015

I have briefly looked at the thread of this posting, there are views for and against. I am not sure that this claim is repeatable and reproducible. In comparison with UFT311 it is vague, and I do not yet see the connection between this claim and spacetime energy. In UFT311 and in the latest paper from Osamu Ide, just posted, the ECE theory and experimental details are given in full, and the data by Osamu Ide are reproducible and repeatable. I am forwarding to the group for comments. There may be some way in which conservation of momentum needs momentum from spacetime similar to the Casimir effect, so a spacecraft can be propelled by spacetime energy.”

Well done, Ron, you have spotted the Emdrive for the nonsense that it is! Attempts to patent reactionless propulsion (aka antigravity) have been made since the late 19th-century: two more attempts were made last week! Altogether, including variants and foreign applications, they number over 1000. Of course, they come nowhere near perpetual-motion machines: patents on so-called ‘buoyancy motors’ (based upon an obvious and childish fallacy) alone number over 1500 (NB: one of us here is probably the world’s leading expert on loony patents). But they do serve a purpose: they ‘out’ any entity, which mentions them positively, as being completely ignorant of physics and/or a scam-artist. So, Ron, you should be thinking that Rossi is therefore in one of those categories … but you won’t, in spite of all of his 55 court appearances. What about the UK government that was guilty of awarding you a Civil List pension? Yep, it also paid a considerable amount of money to Shawyer, the crackpot inventor (of course, it also backed Searl’s perpetual-motion machine indirectly via Searl’s brother, not to mention the Adams-Aspden perpetual-motion machine). Even so, Shawyer’s company is now nearing £250000 in debt (starting from a similar positive balance). Go figure. We guess that it is easier to fake anomalous heat output, as in LENR, than it is to fake levitation. New Scientist plastered the Emdrive all over its front cover, so the staff there is incompetent. And now NASA is backing exactly the same ridiculous concept. However, they cannot have the Emdrive, so they are using the Fetta Drive (the Shawyer and Fetta patents reference one another). NASA of course has already wasted millions of dollars on the Podkletnov antigravity nonsense (lowly engineers really should listen to physicists … that would also have saved the lives of 7 astronauts). The only thing which makes the Emdrive stand out is that it was, unlike the many other similar ones, granted! This means that the Patent Office examiners are also incompetent: do they not know that one cannot make a sealed box fly by putting a helicopter inside (cf Mythbusters) … because that is exactly what, after swapping photons for air molecules, Shawyer claims!  Were they swayed by the fact that a professor of mathematics has ‘proved’ that it works? Did they know, on the other hand, that the same professor has a financial interest in the company? When another loony antigravity patent, the Volfson Drive, was granted there was quite an outcry. On the other hand, nobody seemed to notice the Emdrive patent slipping past. What happened to the Volfson Drive? Mr Volfson, a sewage engineer (we kid you not) was snapped up by ‘Professor’ Fucilla, Ron’s old boss, fellow director and film-maker (notably of Ron’s biopic), to found a company for the machine’s development: Fucilla starts companies like other people have a cup of tea. That company quickly folded. What!? A company set up to break Newton’s third law on the word, literally, of a s**t-stirrer fails? Is there no justice for crackpots? 

Instant feedback: our author-friend, who is planning to out Ron in his book, says “please please Myron, come down on the side of the Emdrive being genuine … it will be the final nail; making both you and the UK government look bad at the same time, and for the same reason … almost like collusion”.

Pillocks’ Progress

November 3, 2015

The Second Industrial Revolution of Stephen Bannister

November 3, 2015

Fully agreed with Steve Bannister, AIAS staff are welcome to input comments on what he describes in his Ph. D. Thesis as “The Second Industrial Revolution”.”

How’s that going?

“There should be no more excuses for war, which is basically the Russell Einstein Manifesto issued on 9th July 1955 by the Nobel Laureate Bertrand, third Earl Russell.”

Well-known draft-dodger

“The areas that control fossil fuel production will lose their power and economic structure, giving way to areas which can innovate new energy devices the most efficiently. Currently these are likely to be the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Japan, Russia and China but any area can produce research organizations that can build new energy devices. Alex Hill is already manufacturing them in Mexico. ”


“The ECE theory is the first to explain these devices in a coherent and rational manner.”

One cannot explain that which does not exist.

“As a coal miner’s son, grandson, great grandson and great great grandson, this was my boyhood vision, to get rid of the curse of coal mining. In the intermediate stage, fossil fuel will still be used, but the first contraptions to go should be wind turbines, a madness as grotesque as anything dreamed up by Edgar Allan Poe. ”

Did you suffer down the pits, Ron, in the same way that you suffered the Korean War, Vietnam, etc?

“The latter’s stories used to scare me motionless whan reading them as a boy, or Bram Stoker’s dental problems. Bertrand Russell is probably the most famous Nobel Laureate from Wales, born in Trellech in 1872, died in Penrhyndeudraeth in 1970. He was born into a liberal and free thinking aristocratic family. There are some famous quotes of Russell: ” the whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are so certain of themselves, but wiser people full of doubts”.”

Still a draft-dodger, and his main life’s work was a complete failure; fatally undermined by Goedel (in a single paper) who was also one of the few people to solve a special case of Einstein’s gravitational equation.

“No doubt my Civil List predecessor William Butler Yeats used this in his famous “Second Coming” – “The best lack all conviction, while the worst / Are full of passionate intensity”, or maybe it was Yeats who influenced Russell. Russell also wrote: “I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong”.

Yeats was a loony believer in the paranormal; something else which, like perpetual-motion, does not exist 

“His grandfather was twice asked to form a Government by Victoria, and he was a political activist in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND). ”

Draft-dodging … even when he did not need to

“He had a profound influence on my Ph .D. supervisor, Mansel Davies. CND has just appointed Mr Corbyn, the new Bevanite Socialist Leader, as a its Vice President or similar.”

That figures: Corbyn will be ousted as soon as national elections loom. Get some better heroes, Ron!