Odd Socks Argument

Odd Socks

October 31, 2015

Sut Hwyl, How are Neil,

I remember you well of course, and best wishes to your Aunt Elizabeth, her husband and children. It is a great pleasure to know that you still have “Molecular Dynamics”. It is all based on Barry John’s instructions for the fly half, volume two, appendix one, the double side step without falling over.”

Aww, for a moment we thought that you were going to launch into John Bell’s “Bertlman’s Socks” argument against the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics. But, of course, you cannot do that can you? Your knowledge of the topic is stuck back in the era of the Bohr atom and De Broglie. Perhaps you should stop using your old student textbooks and get some new ones. The old ones may make a great backdrop for newspaper articles, etc., but not every onlooker is a layman or a journalist. 


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