As Bad As Expected


November 2, 2015

This is an excellent paper which can be posted in the publications section and translated into Spanish. The standard of English is high and that is no problem.”

Are you serious, Ron? Can you not see what rubbish that is? Well, of course you cannot; you are not a physicist. It is true that Ide (or Siemens Stain) can use a spell-checker; unlike you, who either does not have one or refuses to take its advice. Nevertheless, there is still one glaring spelling-mistake in the text. But, aside from that, can you not see that the opening paragraph is so wrong that it makes Penderghastly look like an historian of science? Faraday did not discover EMF; he discovered electromagnetic induction. Faraday, like Einstein, ‘suffers’ from what is known as the Matthew-Effect. That is, ignorant or lazy writers tend to ascribe every discovery in a field to the best-known name in that field. That is why Faraday is routinely credited with generator designs which he did not originate and why Einstein (rather than Minkowski) is credited with spacetime and with the atomic bomb (the official patent-holder’s name is entirely unfamiliar to the general public). As for Ide’s supporting references, they are all cranks such as Ron, Siemens Stain and … blasts from the past … Gray and Seike. The latter, like Ron, was a great fan of the crook John Searl and wrote a book explaining how Searl’s levitating perpetual-motion machine ‘works’. Ron and his gang of course wrote an hilarious ‘paper’ explaining how ‘Dr’ Bearden’s ‘motionless electromagnetic generator’ works (except that it does not, it is LOL a motionless perpetual-motion machine!). It is interesting however to note how crackpot perpetual-motion inventors mirror the ideas of antigravity inventors. The latter for instance have always put great store in ‘the fourth law of motion’ related to the third time-differential of displacement. William O Davis (from the Dean-Drive era) believed in it, so did Laithwaite  … and a Professor Woodward still pushes it (he has to; it will not levitate on its own, haha). Here’s the thing: the third differential in mechanics (appropriately sometimes called ‘jerk’) is the direct equivalent of the electrical spikes that Ide likes to play with. Any number of scams have been based on spiky outputs: they fool ‘everyday’ meters in the same way that a vibrating load can fool a crude weighing machine into ‘reading low’. One stubborn scam-artist refused to quit until his machine was submitted to the National Bureau of Standards. The physicists there used sophisticated methods to reveal the true output. Technical note: in order to get a true reading of a varying output, one has to sample at a rate which is at least twice as high as the leading Fourier component of the source. Few people have the instruments and know-how to do that.  We know someone, however, who will be delighted by the Ide poster-session; he will regard it as being another nail in the coffin of the RSC’s scientific reputation and will make its backing of Ron for a Civil List pension look almost logical!    


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