Dulce et Decorum est pro Patria Mori

New and Clean Energy

November 3, 2015

Thanks again! The present tensions between NATO and Russian Federation show that the world is a very dangerous place, any shortage of energy will lead to geopolitical instability, with the ever present danger of a nuclear missile exchange that will make humankind extinct. Having gone through the Korean War, Cuban Missile crisis, the Vietnam War (auto one) and other endless mindless wars I see this clearly. Those who cannot should not be leaders. They threaten to extinguish humankind by their folly. Albert Einstein and Bertrand Russell wrote much the same thing in the fifties. Scientists have given humankind all the advantages, and scientists must protest at any threat to world peace. The Ph. D. supervisor of Gareth Evans and myself, Mansel Davies, was a friend of Bertrand Russell and campaigned with him within CND.”

Having gone through the Korean War, Cuban Missile crisis, the Vietnam War (auto one) and other endless mindless wars I see this clearly.” WTF does that mean, Ron? In what sense have you ‘gone through all that’ to any greater degree than other newspaper-readers? You were far too young for Korea, and still too young for National Service (not that any British troops served openly in Vietnam) and Cuba was not a war. It is bad enough when you try to ‘bask in the [reflected] glory’ of your innumerable ‘distant cousins’ and of the famous institutions which accidentally click on your website, but to try to wallow in the suffering of others is  … insufferable.  As for the role of scientists: we mentioned recently a William O Davis, one of those 1960s loonies who thought that one could propel a spacecraft without needing any reaction-mass. Well, he had a doctorate in physics. He had once also held a very senior USAF rank and, in that context, had been integral to the US nuclear-weapons program. He, like you, gathered a small team of other loonies about him. One of these was G.H.Stine, a leading figure in the US rocket program (and best friend of the plagiarist and suspected pedophile, Arthur C.Clarke). Now there lies the real danger. Mutually Assured Destruction is a brilliant idea in itself. It is when one realizes that highly-qualified scientists can be completely ignorant of basic physics, and hold loony beliefs, that one starts to worry.  


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