Hermetically Sealed Off From Reality

Discussion Energy Levels from UFT331(7)

November 4, 2015

Many thanks again! Horst has kindly agreed to do the calculation tomorrow. The group is really going well now, with results from high resolution spectra to circuits for energy from spacetime to whirlpool galaxies to economic history. I would never go back to the old system now, the publication and educational systems are also developing very well, and in those areas I would also never go back to the old system.”

Life is certainly much easier when there is no opposition. Unfortunately, in your case, there is no opposition because you are surrounded by yes-men and because nobody else knows or cares about your ridiculous claims. The ‘scientometrics’ are clearly meaningless. If it were not for the wrongly awarded Civil List pension, even we would not be interested; the pseudoscientific beliefs of the layman-directors of high-tech companies are a far greater menace.


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