Last Days of the Reich

Energy from Spacetime

November 7, 2015

Pleasure, and congratulations! After my appointment as Civil List Pensioner on February 29th 2005 by Queen Elizabeth via the Prime Minister’s Office, I have kept the latter informed of all developments on a daily basis. Similarly many Governments take informal advice through as we can see by the scientometrics since May 2002.”

And that will be your downfall. Ministers are incapable of recognizing pseudoscience; the last time that we checked only one MP possessed anything even vaguely resembling a science degree. But, when the ludicrous situation – of the UK Government paying a pension to someone who does nothing but denigrate real science and who offers supposed theoretical support to perpetual-motion, antigravity and cancer-cure scam-artists – becomes known to the scientific community then the proverbial will hit the turbine. Most loony academics slink around and keep a low profile: to be so arrogant as to keep authorities daily informed of ones misdeeds is quite a departure. It will all make for a bestseller!  

PS: By the way, Ron, especial congratulations on being made a pensioner on a day that did not exist.  You really don’t let any established fact get in your way, do you?


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